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By @Twilight skies


There’s this little urge inside 

Stupid, yet relentless.

Calling me to leave the roads behind. 

And even though I clearly know 

That this is kinda insane 

Every part of me just can’t bring myself to mind. 

Oh, have you ever wondered sometime

How it’d feel to sleep beneath the stars? 

Would you ever have thought that 

The sky could be just a touch apart? 

And you’d feel the wind on your face 

Like a veil lifted high, 

And you’d see that the mountains 

Were just stairs to the sky! 

The rivers would whisper in their ever-babbling tongues

And for once, you’ll see that you can understand all their words.

And the seas would rage, their waves dashing to and fro 

But even this brings a joy yet so unknown! 

Oh, how I wish, I could make the world my home,

See all there is to see, roam all there is to roam! 

And I can change like the changing tide, 

Leave all my fears aside! 

And finally take the leap of faith I’ve dreamt about. 

I’ll finally leave all the complications

Find new roads to new destinations 

Start a new beginning free of all my little doubts. 

Pave a path of my own, leave the past all alone 

And find a new beginning starting from now. 

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