Wake Up

By @killingtimebywriting

A story of a man finally wakes up and follows his own voice.

Chapter 1


He was trapped in a room. No. He was trapped by himself.

Click. Click. Click. Clock was ticking. Keyboard was clicking. The phones were ringing. His boss was shouting. His colleagues were laughing. Every day he tries to kick the negative thoughts out of his mind, but still he failed.

One day, pressure reached its limits and the ceiling finally collapsed. Tears were burst but he was no longer trapped. He crawled out from the collapsed ruins and everything stopped instantly. All the clicking stopped. The phone stopped ringing. He practically went deaf at that moment as he only hears his own voice on his mind. Following his own voice, he finally made the decision to walk out for once and leave everything behind him for good.

The sky was clear, he no longer struggled between the storms and lightening. He took his courage and sit down with his boss. He finally opened himself for the first time. He talked freely like a real man. He took his time to express his own feelings. The desire to be free is strong and from now on he would do what his mind told him to do for the very first time in his life. In his whole life, he did what he was told. He follows and never lead.

This is the first time he takes the lead and make up his own mind and to be a man.

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