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By @Littleskyejones


My name is Clara and my life was pretty average. I had two loving, working parents, (Elise and Mitchell) who would do anything thing for me. I have a little brother, Dylan (13), loves to draw. I had a best friend named Melanie, we were polar opposites when we first met in 3rd grade. She was always a “people person” but I never was.

I’d much rather read about fictional boys than talk to a real one. Even though Melanie and I had completely different interests, we always agreed on one thing, music. Whenever we had a problem or a stressful test, music was always the answer for us. There wasn’t any problem music couldn’t solve for us, well until I was 15.

A few weeks after I had turned 15, is when my life was turned upside down. Ever since I was a little girl, I always thought that there was something wrong with my mom. She always had a doctor’s appointment after she gave birth to my brother. Whenever I would ask her to play with me, the answer was always “I’m tired right now.”

By the time Dylan was a toddler, she was still always so tired. I never questioned my mom or dad about it, but I always wanted to know. But I was also scared of the answer I’d get.

I finally got my answer, around a month after I turned 15, my mom wanted to talk to me. At first, I thought I did something wrong. But she clearly said what no one ever wants to hear. She told sat me down and calmly explained that she had stage 4 cancer. She begged me not to worry or cry.

And I didn’t, I was just hurt. I felt lied to, I wanted to be mad, but I could only feel sad. She was living on borrowed time, I couldn’t help her. Her dark brown eyes kept looking deep into my light blue eyes like she was already gone. I kept asking her questions, but it was obvious she didn’t want to talk anymore.

After her horrible news, I didn’t act the same. All I wanted to do is be with my mom. A month later, Melanie started acting differently. It would take her hours to text or call me back. Whenever I’d ask if she wanted to hang out with my mom and me, she always had an excuse, that I believed. So until December, everything was weird but I still had my friend and mom. But then came December 3rd, the day that changed my life.

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