By @UnmaskedDreams


By @UnmaskedDreams

When tragedy strikes, the hardest part of moving on is learning to forgive yourself.

Chapter 3


Umbriferous — “casting or making shade”

Four months before camp

               “I know you’re wondering why I asked you to meet with me,” Kelly, one of the camp facilitators said.

               Alyssa shifted in her seat. “Yeah. I kind of am.”

               Kelly grinned and pushed a purple folder towards her. “As you know, camp is in four months. In line with this, we’re already choosing captains and co-captains for the ten teams.”

               “Which is why I’m here,” Alyssa realized.

               Kelly nodded and opened the folder. “We decided to tell you ahead of time because your team captain is someone you may have had a history with.”        

               Alyssa’s breath hitched as she read the highlighted name on the list –William Torres. One of Kade’s closest friends. She looked up at Kelly. “I don’t think I can work with him.”

               Kelly softened. “Alyssa, we know you’ve gone through a lot since Kade’s death. So has Will. You’re already doing so much better. But, Will? He’s been spiralling.”

               Alyssa released a slow breath, fighting against herself. She swallowed. “Okay.”

               Kelly smiled. “I’m the facilitator of your team. If you have questions, just shoot me a message. We’ll be announcing this officially next week. I just wanted to give you a heads up and have time to process. I know this will be hard for you.”

               Alyssa nodded. “Okay. I will try my best, Kelly. I just can’t promise anything more.”

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