By @UnmaskedDreams


By @UnmaskedDreams

When tragedy strikes, the hardest part of moving on is learning to forgive yourself.

Chapter 20


Oblivion — “the state of forgetting or being oblivious”

One month after camp


  “Hey, Alyssa!”

               She turned around to see Ethan jogging over to her. “What’s up?”

               “Uh…” he trailed off.

               Alyssa raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, I have somewhere to be, Ethan. What is it you need?”


               “Spit it out, Ethan,” Alyssa said impatiently.

               “There’s this girl, I’m worried about,” he began. “I caught her troubled. Um, she was teary eyed. And I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m not sure how I can help her.”

               Alyssa raised an eyebrow. “Do you know this girl? Have a relationship with her?”

               He shook his head.

               “Then why are you so concerned?”

               He shrugged. “I talked to her after she ran out.”

               “You ran after her?” Alyssa clarified.

               He nodded.

               “Now, why would you do that to a girl you do not even know?”

               Alyssa’s eyes widened. “You like her!”

               He blushed.

               “Oh, my gosh! Who is she?”


               “There you are,” Tori exclaimed linking her arm with Alyssa’s and cutting Ethan off.

               Alyssa’s eyes widened. “Oh, my gosh. I’m late, aren’t i?”

               Tori nodded. “Yup.”

               Alyssa gave her an apologetic look and turned to Ethan. “I’m sorry. I really have to go.”

               Ethan ignored Alyssa. His eyes were focused on Tori.

               Tori was looking at him like she had seen a ghost.

               “Have you met?” Alyssa asked slowly.

               Tori shook her head slowly.

               Ethan held out a hand. “Ethan.”

               She shook his hand. “Tori.”

               Alyssa watched the interaction amused, before turning her attention back to Ethan. “We really have to go. Catch up soon?”

               He nodded, slowly turning his attention back to Alyssa. “I’ll call you.”

               With a wave at Ethan, Alyssa dragged Tori away.

               “You know him,” Tori muttered.

               Alyssa raised an eyebrow. “I must have missed a lot with my preoccupation with Will. Got something to share about Ethan, Tori?”

               She groaned. “I’m dead.”

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