Vie d'Ombre Academy

By @Books_and_Secrets
Vie d'Ombre Academy

A spy goes to a new academy for witches. Novella Roberts is a spy and a witch. She has to go because of her dad and meets new friends, a boyfriend, and a killer. Only she can stop the murders that start happening around the school.

Chapter 1

The Academy

I feel the car bump up and down. The car has been bumping down the road since it picked me up at my house. The car is black and slick like it’s meant for creeping around in. But something’s very wrong with the wheels so that it bounces and bumps. I look out the window while the countryside switches to thick pine woods. I feel the car stop suddenly. I get out and smell fresh pine in the air, ‘there is the place, I will be going to, Vie d’ombre Academy.’ I think to myself looking at the castle before me. It’s a castle with two sections, one side is the dorms and the other side is the school. I get my few bags out of the back and walk to the castle. The castle is big with at least five floors, the outside is made of gray stone with green ivy climbing the walls. 

I walk up to the Academy and enter the double doors to a rather large entry hall. The entry hall has a few paintings and a red carpet like it’s a palace. In the hall there is two sets of stairs one on either side of a big door. I enter the big door into the office of the principal. The office is barely decorated and has a large oak desk with a pile of papers on it. 

“ Hello. My name is Novella. The new student.” I say in my sweetest voice.    

The principal sits up in his seat and looks at me with a scowl that makes him look like the Devil. 

“ I wasn’t aware we were receiving any new students. We have already started classes.” He says with a forced voice trying to keep the anger from his voice. He was not doing a very good job at it. 

“ My father sent in the paperwork a few weeks ago. I was at another school, I was not informed that I was transferred till the first week of school. Then I had to get here.” I say getting more and more frustrated.

“ I see. Well, you will just have to get the work from your new teachers. Now, here is your schedule and dorm room key.” says the principle while holding out a piece of paper and key. 

I took the paper and key from his hand and walk out of the office towards the left staircase that leads to the dorm rooms. I walk to the first floor dorms and walk down the dark hall to dorm room 29. The doors all look the same oak wood with brass doorknobs and gold numbers. 

I open the door of the dorm room. Inside there are two beds, two desks, two dressers and a bookcase. On the left side there is stuff thrown everywhere. Clothes on the floor, blankets on the bed were rumpled, and glitter everywhere. ‘ Oh. Great. I get a girly girl for a roommate.’ I thought distastefully. I throw my bags on the bed and unzip one. I take out my computer and turn it on. The silver computer turned on to my home screen. My home screen has a picture of my kitten named Bella. I look into one of the bags on the bed and I see my little kitten curled up in the corner of the bag. She is all black with sharp little white teeth and a small pink tongue and nose with bright shining green eyes. I found her a few days ago in a box that was next to the dumpster, she was tiny and skinny. The vet that I took her to said that she may not make it. I couldn’t leave her, it was like I saw myself in her bright green eyes. I took her home and nursed her back to health. Now, she is healthy as any other kitten even if she is small for her age. 

I turn back to my computer and found the latest email from my dad. I click on it. It says, “ Novella, I am glad you decided to go. It will be a great opportunity to train with other children your own age. Keep your eyes open and have a great time. Hope to visit you and Bella soon. From Dad.” I sigh and sit back on the bed. I take another look at Bella. 

“ Hey, Bella. What do you think about this?” I ask Bella. Bella looks at me and slowly nods her head back and forth like she is saying “I don’t know”. I sigh again. I open the door of the bag that Bella is in and take her out. I feel her soft black fur in my hands and I relax just a little bit. I pet her head while she starts to purr. I couldn’t imagine life without her even though I’ve only had her for a few days. She is the only one that understands me. I sit there for a while with Bella in my lap purring while I pet her gently on the head. 

The door opens and a girl about my age enters with a backpack on. The girl has black hair and silver eyes. The girl walks tiredly to her bed on the other side of the room, not noticing me. She lays on the bed not moving an inch. 

‘I don’t know what to do right now. Should I say something or not?’ I ask myself in my head. Before I can decide what to do, Bella meows loud enough so that the girl sits up and looks around the room. She looks and finally her eyes land on me. I lift my hand and wave at her. 

“ What are you doing in my room?” She asks in a rude voice. 

“ I am your new roommate. My name is Novella.” I say. 

“ I had no idea. Sorry, it’s been a long week.” She says in a nicer voice. 

“ It’s okay. My kitten must have startled you. Her name is Bella. What’s your name?” I ask. 

“ My name is Jade.” She says. 

“ Hi, Jade. Nice to meet you.” I say. Bella ran over to Jade. Jade looks down at Bella with curious eyes. Bella jumps onto the bed next to Jade and meows as to say ‘ pet me, pet me.’ I laugh at Bella. Jade hesitantly brings her hand over Bella’s head. Bella rubs her head against Jade’s hand. Bella looks at me as to say ‘ she needs protection.’ I nod to what she said or at least looked at me.   

“ So what are you?” I ask.

“ I’m a transwitch. You?” Jade says.

“ I’m a witch but I don’t know what kind though. That’s why I’m here. Why are you here?” 

“ I may have been a bad girl.” She says with a sly smile.

“ Cool. I think I’m going to go to sleep. I have to start school tomorrow. Goodnight Jade.” I say yawning purposely. 

“ Goodnight Novella.” 

Bella jumps down from Jade’s bed and comes trotting over and jumps onto my bed. I get out of my pjs and went to the bathroom. I get ready for bed and jump into bed with Bella.

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