Vampires of Navada

By @Writerwal
Vampires of Navada

The Alien Incident left Mr. Wade's business going downhill. Now with the very few employees he has left, he must not only improve his business, but provide a cover story for every customer that either becomes food or becomes one of the vampires.

Chapter 1

Putting the Band Back Together

July, 2008

Diamond Wexxx was sitting on her couch. She started drinking alcohol. The she placed the bottle between her legs. After taking another sip, she stared at the other side of her living room. Her phone rang. She answered.

Diamond: Hello?

Mr. Wade: Diamond, where are you?

Diamond: Why? my shift is not for another few hours.

Mr. Wade: Yeah, but with just you and Jenna here, clients are declining. I need you to take a day off, using that to bring the girls back.

Diamond: Wow. That would be great if I even know where they are.

Mr. Wade: Don\’t worry about it. I know where they are. I’ve just sent you an email of their whereabouts.

Diamond: Really? Ok, then. I’ll get started immediately.

Pregnant Hard Fury was holding a business meeting at Works & Constructions.

Fury: So, as we all know, your business has gone downhill since the alien incident. The majority of your employees are either dead or forced to relocate. Lucky for you, I have a solution.

Fury pulled down a flag board.

Fury: Hybrids.

Mr. Rothchild: Hybrids?

Mr. Rockefeller: You mean those those half-human, half-alien freaks?

Fury: Freaks?

Mr. Rockefeller: Yeah, freaks! Those monsters killed most of our staff and you want us to do business with them?!

Mr. Rothchild: You see? This is what happens when you do business with a woman who’s been screwing for a living.

Fury: Whoa, whoa, gentlemen. Just here me out. These hybrids are not the aliens that terrorized the world. They’re just normal citizens living normal lives like the rest of us.

Mr. Rockefeller: Yeah. So they say. That\’s what they told you, Isn’t it? Stupid girl.

Dave Morrison entered the office.

Dave: Hey, guys.

Fury stared at him with a surprised look on her face.

Fury: Dave! What the hell are you doing here?!

Dave: They sent me here.

Fury angrily stared at the two business men.

Fury: Seriously? You approved this meeting just so you can watch me screw my Fiancé?

Mr. Rothchild: Pretty much.

Mr. Rockefeller: What else could you be if not entertainment?

Fury: Uh, pizza girl? Former recruit of the navy?

She pointed at her pregnant belly.

Fury: Wife and mother to be?

Mr Rothchild: Come on, Fury. We both know you’ll never be out of the smut business. We are what we are. And we don’t ever change. Not one bit.

Both Fury and Dave stared at them in shock. They later left the building.

Fury: I don\’t believe this crap!

Dave: Come on, dear. It wasn’t that bad.

Fury: Are you kidding me?! They didn\’t take me seriously! They only invited me for their own sexual amusement!

Diamond: Well, you know what they say. Never trust a Rothchild.

The engaged couple stared at Diamond in surprise.

Fury: Diamond? What are you doing here?

Diamond: You two need a ride, don’t you? Get in and I’ll tell you.

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