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Us and Them

By @ZoeAmber


Friday / September 20th / 11:26 AM

“You? and Mila Douglas?” I smirk at Jonah’s face in a daze. “I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true, bro.” He shrugs in his own disbelief. “We just bonded over the mutual belief of how much of a huge d**k Leo Farris is.”

Jonah is not a bad looking guy, with a black Dad and a Columbian Mom, he’s basically hit the genetic jackpot with dark forest green eyes and a sharp jaw.

Looks aren’t the thing I’m surprised about, but his personality.

He’s a class clown. He was puking an hour ago. And now he’s wooing Mila Douglas?

It kind of p****s me off that he’s made more progress in one night than I have in 12 years.

I look around to sneak another glance at my mortal enemy when I see her pressed against the wall by a couple of college creeps. I feel a lurch at my chest and start to stomp over.

I stop and look to Addie, who’s already had enough shenanigans tonight, prancing over and ready to give them an earful. I rush past them and grab Lillie, who seems to sway a little as I walk her through the crowd and try to burn the feeling of her soft skin on my rough fingertips into my head.

Some of the drunk creeps ignoring Addie, continue to grab at her. I’m afraid I’m about to fully primal and start ripping their arms off. But before I know it, we’re walking toward Mila and it’s time to let go. Especially because Mila’s face shows the disbelief I wanted to avoid.

I put a finger to my lips as a gesture to Mila as takes hold of Lillie and I fade back into the crowd.

• • • • •

Monday / September 23rd / 10:02 AM

I’m borderline giddy when I sit down next to Lillie in chemistry class, 3rd period.

It’s kind of like that scene in Twilight but instead of a vampire, I’m just a masochistic lunatic weirdo sitting next to the prey he can’t have. And I’m not after her blood, but Lillie Mason as a whole.

I’m such a fanboy that I’m afraid someday something like “Can I have your autograph?” will accidentally slip out in conversation. As if there was any conversation before today.

For the next 45 minutes, Mrs. Kennedy drones on about thermodynamics, all the while not caring that half the class is asleep and the other is fiddling away on their phones.

Eventually, she clears the board and writes the partner lab tasks on it for today. Lillie closes her notebook and lets out a small laboured breath. I look down at her fair shoulder and count the pretty freckles on it before she looks up at me, forces a smile and offers a hand.

“So, I don’t believe we’ve properly been introduced.”

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  1. Kathleen Fazio

    Feb 2, 2022

    omg I love it so much! you are an amazing writer.

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