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Underhanded Graduate

By @ObsidianLightX3


I sat on my bed, thinking in silence, when the monitors sparked on. Monokuma was seen holding another martini.

“Hello again, students!” he exclaimed. “I’ve not been able to think up much motivation–but what motivates a teenager more than a crime of passion?! Or drama!” His ear-rape-worthy laughter pounded through the speakers. I grimaced and covered my ringing ears.

“Anyway… now for some news for those of you who are anti-social. So Camu Mariku, the Ultimate Geek, managed to break his leg earlier. Possible easy target…?

“There seems to be some tension between Tadashi and Higu~. Either they need to be put in a room and fight, or they need couples counseling.

“Hm… oh! One more! Maya and Kuriama! I think they’ve got something going on…” He began giggling obnoxiously. And by giggling, I mean raspy, pestiferous hacking at a very high pitch.

He finally managed to calm down, “Oh, this is fun! Anyway, I’ve got some things on the murders that I need to explain to you guys. Everyone meet in the gymnasium!”

* * * * *

For a living stuffed bear running a murder school, Monokuma sure did have a lot of rules.

I met Aino on my way to the gym. His eyes were bloodshot, and I was about to ask him what’s up, but he beat me to it.

“Eliza, you okay?” he looked concerned.

I put on a smile, “You kidding? I’m fine.” I waved a hand to exaggerate my point. “What about you? You, uh, look like you were crying.”

Aino lifted his sleeve and wiped his eyes, “Is it that obvious?” He sniffled. Looking at the poor little, heartbroken boy, I wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him everything was gonna be okay.

Instead, I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, “We’ll talk later. Kay?”

He nodded, and we joined our classmates in the gym.

Inside, people were chattering and confused. Aino and I went to a small clear space big enough for the both of us. We stood there from probably ten minutes before Monokuma ever appeared.

He grinned like a madman at us, “Ah, I see you’re all here. Except the ultimate dweeb.” Probably referring to Camu. “Anyway! I figured I’d explain what all goes down when a murder takes place. You see, when someone is killed, there must be three non-killer witnesses to the body before an announcement will go off. After that, I’ll allow for an investigation before the trial. Everyone is free to investigate as much as they wish.

“Now, if you fail the trial and everyone votes on the wrong killer… then you will all die and the killer graduates.”

Oh, I thought, now the pressure is really on.

“But if you vote on the right killer,” Monokuma continued, “then you get to watch the killer be executed, and then go on about your daily business!”

The entire room was stunned into silence.

Finally, Monokuma seemed to get bored of the silence, “Okay, I’m done.”

Tadashi’s hand went into the air, “Wait! Do you really expect us to kill each other? I mean–” he put his hands on his hips, “–we’re all smart enough to realize that it’d be much easier to just overpower you. I mean, this is eighteen to one.”

Monokuma stood, “You wanna challenge me, Tadash*t?”

“What did you just call me–?”

“He doesn’t!” Higu called quickly, gripping Tadash*t’s–I mean, Tadashi’s–arm.

Tadashi and Monokuma were in a standoff, glaring at each other, Monokuma with a giant grin on his face, Tadashi scowling. Higu slowly got between the two and pulled Tadashi back into the crowd.

Monokuma waved his paw, “Alright, we’re done here. Begone!”

I turned to find that Aino had already left. I stand there for a moment, trying to process that. How had he left without my noticing? I shook my head, realizing I was one of three left in the gym.

The other two being Kuriama and Maya.

They walked over to me.

Kuri smiled his winning smile, “Hey Eliza! Have you met Maya yet?”

I pursed my lips, “Uh, no. I haven’t. Nice to meet you Maya.” I think she could sense the fact that I wasn’t too fond of her. She gave me a very bright smile, offering her hand to shake. I hesitantly took it.

I avoided asking what Monokuma said about them being together was true.

I clasped my hands behind my back and began rocking on my heels. Kuri and Maya were quiet as well.

Kuri finally broke the silence, “Well, I guess we’d better head to bed.”

I narrowed my eyes, “Bed? Uh, pretty sure it’s only, like, noon.”

Then, both Maya and Kuri looked at me in a strange way.

“Uh, it’s dark outside,” Maya said. “I’m pretty sure it’s about ten.”

My eyes widened, then I shook my head. “No… I went to the kitchen for breakfast, I was in the garden for a bit. The sun had been up and it was very obviously morning. Then I was in my room for not even ten minutes before the monitors turned on.”

Kuri placed a gentle hand on my shoulder, “Eliza, the monitors came on when it was still dark outside. Are you sure you were only in your room for ten minutes? Maybe you fell asleep?”

I knew for a fact I hadn’t fallen asleep. I’d sat on my bed and stared at the wall. Could I have been there for hours rather than minutes?

I shrugged, “Whatever. Bedtime it is, I guess. Let’s… go.”

Maya opened the door and we followed her out. Kuri walked in the middle, Maya and I on each side. We were quiet all the way to the lobby. We then stood there a moment, all together.

We stood in an awkward silence for what seemed like hours, which probably meant it had only been a few minutes.

And then, rushed footsteps could be heard running toward us.

All three of our gazes turned to see Angenoid heading to us, his expression shifted, and he seemed to be doing the pee-pee dance. He stopped in front of us, his eyes wide and begging.

“U-uh, could you, ah, help me?”

Kuri rose an eyebrow, “Dude, if you need help going to the bathroom, I am not–”

“No!” He shouted. “My bathroom door is locked or broke or, I dunno! I won’t open!”

I rolled my eyes, “Just kick it.”

“If I kick the door, I’m afraid I’ll pee myself.”

Kuri and I snort, Maya crosses her arms. “Guys, stop. C’mon, it won’t take long. I’ll open the door for you.”

Angen signed heavily in relief and led us to his dorm. Inside, the room was normal enough. It radiated heavy rebel vibes.

Angen made a gesture to the bathroom door and Maya went up to it. She braced her feet on the ground, balled her fists, her expression focused, then she slammed her fist into the door.

The door burst open without protest, and I never got the chance to even glance inside. I heard a loud splash and a very loud pop came from the room, along with a cloud of smoke and a very bad smell.

I began coughing and waving the smoke from my face. When I recovered, I found Maya, Kuri, and Angen all standing rigid and stunned, staring into the bathroom. I stood up straight, and what I saw and smelt made me gag.

The bathtub was full of water, and a monitor that had been torn from a wall sat inside. Lying dead in the water was the corpse of Camu.

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