Undead Restaurant: Die-ner!

By @pastatownlasanga

Undead Restaurant: Die-ner!

By @pastatownlasanga

Fun Burger Times Restaurant closes in 1977 due to the murder of many of the employees there. In present day, the restaurant has become a haven and home for many ghosts, including Ellis, a teen who was killed at a party. Along with Harold, the old cashier of Fun Burger Times Restaurant and the mysterious Mother of Burgers, they will solve what actually happened on March 20, 1977, and who the killer's identity is.

Chapter 1



Harold Dayton was working at the Fun Burger Times Restaurant on March 20, along with his good friend, Tyson Bates, who was the janitor, and the stubborn Delilah Holls, who usually was stuck inside the mascot costume. Fun Burger Times had just opened, and it was a place for kids to play and run around while their parents got drunk in the bar next door, Terma Blues. Harold was hired as the cashier for the restaurant. He was sure that kids would love the place. There was a playground, a video game console area, and a great mascot, Bonzo the Burger. Delilah loved to make kids happy, but she didn’t like being stuck in the mascot suit for hours at a time. Harold arrived at Fun Burger Times Restaurant late, but no one was there. The only other person there was Bonzo the Burger. Harold chuckled, “Hi Delilah! Where are the others?” But the burger didn’t respond. Harold moved closer to Bonzo the Burger. On closer inspection, the costume seemed to have an overload of ketchup and mustard on it. Harold said, “Delilah, what’s going on?”

Suddenly, the burger whipped out a chainsaw. Bonzo turned it on and cornered Harold with it. Harold screamed, “DELILAH, WHAT THE ACTUAL-“. Then, Harold was sliced into pieces.

Fun Burger Times Restaurant was closed, and Terma Blues was closed along with it. But, it would still find new life in the form of the…DEAD.

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