By @Sogni_Oro

Never accept the Obvious, embrace the Mystery.

Chapter 1

First, there was cold darkness. Then a dim dying light twirled around my vision. Dancing in circles of the faintest brightness, I tried to follow it but it never stopped. Never stopped dancing, twirling, never once did it falter in its step or course. Then I began to feel my hands, then my toes but I couldn’t see them. The only thing in my sight was the dancing light. Not being able to reach it when it came close then circled out of my reach again, I danced with it. My legs started to swing in circles matching the tune of the light, even if my ears couldn’t hear it the light could. I could see the light brightening little by little, I danced closer towards it hoping it would lead me out of this darkness. I could feel its warmth, it’s ember burning, I was drawing ever closer. I reached and stretched to my limit, grazing the beams then I saw them! My fingers! My hand! I could see the shining world of light, it grabbed hold of my hand drawing me into its warm embrace. I saw the world inside the light, I could see the happiness, the love. My toes touched the lit floor, all that trailed behind was my other hand which was my mistake. The darkness awoke, snatching my hand with a force of cold strength. I screamed, the light faltered for only a second then strengthened its grasp. Darkness took form, and the light did the same. Glancing at both figures tearing me into, I realized the truth. The darkness took the shape of a shadow and the light faded into a monster. The world behind it was indeed bright but not of glorious light, but of fire. Scorching flames reached into the realm of darkness, lighting me, showing me what I am. A shadow the same as Darkness. I asked the monster why he wanted me, but all that came out of the nightmare was roars of terror. A voice did answer my question though, the voice of Darkness.

 “He feasts on our darkness, he burns the shadow out of us turning us into flames.” Her voice sang with calmness. I glare at the beast who lets loose a sickening snarl. Each tooth glistened with hunger and death. I rip my hand from his claws, but before I could run my heart surged with instinct. A burst of dim blue light shone through every cell in my body, the monster howled while obscuring his eyes from my light. I couldn’t stop it nor did I want to, every nerve became alive. I could see my black and blue swirling hair, my long legs, my whole body! My light grew more vibrant with different blue and purple hues which seemed to darken the monster’s yellow, red skin. Tripping over his own self he fell back into his own horrid bright world. I began to dim darker till only a faint glow shines from my skin. Darkness pulls me out of her way then she waves her hands in a slow manner thus sealing the door shut. The black returns but I can still see Darkness and my hands.

 “Finally nice to meet you Twilight.” 

“You have to control it! I can’t keep your light contained much longer.” Darkness was never angry but I could tell my light was affecting her and I couldn’t keep it’s from strengthening.

“I’m sorry, I know but it’s hard. It just randomly bursts and eats the shadows.” 

“I understand but if you keep it up like this I can’t keep you here anymore. Your not me or the Light, I think you need your own domain.”

“What! But you’re the only person I trust and the only one who understands me.”

“Well, there are others, like the twins. Dawn and Dusk are very nice and won’t hurt you. But the shadows are not where you belong anymore.” She sounded desperate and saddened but I could see where she was coming from, I looked around in the long rounded room of shadows. I was the only source of light in it, I knew that hurt Darkness when I got too bright. My blue and violet glow wasn’t like the Light and his fiery brightness but it still was light to the shadows and darkness. I stare at my hands as the started to glow brighter and brighter, “Go hide! It’s coming back!” I yell startled by the sudden arrival of my outbursts. Darkness runs to one of the largest shadows and melts into it as my body warms and glows with colors filling up the room in a Twilight original color. I try to curl into a tight ball hoping it would dim faster, my mouth mumbles apologies and pleas for forgiveness and soon I fade. Her hand settles on my shoulder and her calm voice sings in my ears, “It’s time for you to go.” My head shakes in agreement.

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