By @Crazywriter-me

its a love story of a cold-hearted prince who hates love, girls etc and ordinary girl from the village who is cute and beautiful. Will she change his life. find it out in my new story

Chapter 1



So, prince Ryan is a cold-hearted guy he… doesn’t like girls likewhat is his problem man! what girls will this guy or what HE I mean why so mean but expect one girl

Christina because she is his fiance…

Christina is the princess of the neighboring country

and is also has brother and sister prince Adonis and princess Ellis

and his mom and dad king George and queen Helena

he is nice to Christina because of his mom and dad and mom told him to do so.

And let’s go back to the story now.

One day Isabella was cooking in the kitchen and Mia was silently reading a book like, she was addicted to reading books she loves to read. In the couch and her mom call out

“Dear, you are going to the palace tonight!” Isabella said

Mia stood up on the couch is was sitting and said

“What! no… mom, I don’t wanna go”

“Mia I told you to go,” Isabella said angrily

“but ‘mom, ” said Mia

“No buts Mia you are going, that’s all,” Isabella said.

“Mom, I will get confused…”

“No, you won’t get confused because Julie is coming too,” Isabella said calmly

Julie is Mia’s best friend.

“ok, if u say soo…” Mia said with a relief

“Now, that’s my girl, now and get changed quickly it’s almost time for the event,” Isabella said happily

“Mom, what event are you talking about,” Mia said scratching her head

“Prince Ryan is getting engaged,” Isabella said with a hurry

“Anyway I’m gonna change,” Mia said.

She quickly changed and went to the palace with Julie

But she doesn’t know how the prince looked or anything about the prince.

But she doesn’t know her life is gonna change… forever,.

end of chapter 1

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