Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Justin Stone

The whole scavenger hunt wasn’t totally boring, but it wasn’t exactly fun. His group

consisted of Gillian, Cecily, Anna and that weird kid, Jackson. Justin talked mostly with Anna

because she sounded more interesting than that Jackson kid. He already knew some stuff

about Cecily and Gillian. After they finished the steps, they walked the streets and went into

different shops until they found themselves in front of the Trevi. They had then found some

street food four blocks away from the fountain. They finished the last clue, the meaning on front

of the Pantheon, very quickly. They had just reached the final location where they would be

meeting everyone else. Justin was the first to see two teams, Danny, Josh, Olivia S, Leah, Neil

and Melissa and then Greg, Patrick, Selale, Erica, Morgan and Michelle. When the three groups

merged, everyone kinda fizzed into their own groups. Gillian went to Olivia and Morgan as

Cecily went over to Leah. Jackson talked to Neil, Greg and Patrick. Selale was sitting down

looking at her phone as Michelle was listening to her music. Justin and Anna walked over to

where Danny, Josh and Erica were hanging out.

“How was your hunt?” Josh asked when they were close enough to talk.

Justin only shrugged, “It was eh. Went into a bunch of cool shops though.” He pulled out

a little pocket knife out of his bag. “I got this at one of them,”

“You know you can’t have that on the trip, right? Or even bring that back to America?”

Olivia said casting him a sideways glance.

“Chill out, Olivia. It’ll come in handy one of those days. Just watch.” Justin says as he

closes the knife and stuffs it back in his bag. The day went on as they all hung out around the

piazza until more teams started to show up. Justin then saw Dom and his team rolling up with

Matthew and his team. Justin, Danny, Josh, Erica, and Anna walked over to Matthew, Dom,

Becca, and Stefan.

“Justin, Danny, Josh,” Dom says when he saw them. “Could we talk to you in private?

Just you guys, Stefan and Matthew?” Justin looked quizzically at his two friends and back at his

best friend before agreeing. They left the girls alone as the men walked into a secluded alcove

in the large open area.

“What’s up?” Danny asked when they were alone.

“Have you noticed if anyone has been following you guys around today.” Dom asked in a

hushed voice.

Danny looked around them for a while, “Not that I’ve noticed really.”

“Why?” Josh asked.

“We were just attacked by two large Russian dudes at a café like an hour ago,” Stefan

spat out.

Justin’s eyes widened. Attacked? Who would attack some random teenagers? He

looked over at whatever Dom, Stefan and Matthew were wearing. Shorts, bag packs, Dom wore

a watch and Stefan a hat. All three of them had some type of expensive sunglasses on but

nothing that was worth stealing. “Why would someone attack you three?”

“Not just attack. They wanted to kill us,” Matthew spoke at last.

Josh looked at him, “Kill? They meant to kill you?”

“Well, they for sure didn’t mean to just hurt us.” Matt said.

“What are you going to do? Tell Rob, Tom and Karen?” Wondered Josh.

“We should tell them,” Said Stefan then looked at Matthew. “But, Matthew here, thinks

we shouldn’t. Says that they won’t come back for us. Even though, and I quote, they said they


Justin looked over at his new friend, “Matthew, you have to tell them. This is serious.”

Matthew only shrugged, “We’ll be fine. If they really do attack again. We’ll go to them

together. But I don’t think they will. It was a poor attempt at stealing was all.”

Justin could see that Stefan and Dom didn’t like the idea but agreed to the idea. The six

of them walked out of their hiding spot and joined back with their travel mates. The rest of the

teams have gotten back and now everyone was all over the place. Karen, Tom, Rob and

Sebastian had arrived too and were checking the teams papers and photos. After about twenty

minutes or so, the four of them had everyone gather around.

“Alright, guys,” Called out Karen loudly to be heard. “You all did a great job on this and I

was happy to hear how everyone had a great time. Now, onto our next activity of the day- a tour

of the Roman Colosseum! We will be walking. It’s only about a mile and a half away. Tom and

Sebastian will take the lead while Rob and I bring up the rear.” With that, everyone started to

follow Tom and Sebastian and they were off on their next adventure.

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