Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Becca Morris

Becca was having a blast with this scavenger hunt. It was a little weird at first. When

Matthew and her did their side of the counting for the Spanish Steps, halfway up they were

stopped by a man handing out roses. The man kept pointing at Matthew to Becca. He spoke

Italian very quickly and Becca didn’t have enough time to really look at her translation book she

kept in her pocket to figure out what he was saying. Matthew got the message though, handed

him one Eruo, took the rose from the man and both Becca and Matthew walked away. After

finishing their count, Matthew handed her the rose.

“I don’t really know what he was saying,” Matthew told her. “But I understood the basics.”

Becca only smiled as she took the rose from him. The five of them joined together at the top of

the Spanish Steps and talked about their next move.

“We need to go to the Trevi Fountain next. Who wants to be the map reader?”

Mackenzie asked as they walked down the steps to the main street below. Around them people

walked around the place along with the other teams counting their steps.

“I can read some Spanish,” Josh spoke. “I’m not great though,”

“You’re the best we got, Josh. I don’t speak a lick of Spanish.” Alex said as they walked

down the street. Josh looked over the map. They went into multiple shops throughout their walk

to the next location. Matthew bought some small things as Becca bought a shirt that said ‘I went

to Rome and all I got was this lousy shirt.’ The five of them talked about their own personal lives

and their own reasons for joining People to People exchange. Mackenzie and Alex have known

each other since they were in pre-school and had always wanted to travel and see the world

together and when they got the opportunity to join People to People, they jumped on that train

as fast as they could. Matthew always enjoyed the difficult cultures and the people, so he

wanted to see more countries. Josh was a little different, he’s a big art guy want in the future

would want to make a famous sculpture or painting that would be worshiped and be studied

centuries after his death.

The five of them went down busy streets and not so busy streets, every so often

stopping to shop or look at some cool buildings. Finally, Josh had led them to the Trevi Fountain

where hundreds of people were milling about. Many people were taking pictures on their phones

while others tossed in a coin. Becca and her team managed to get in front of the Trevi to get a

better look of its amazingness. In front of Becca were plaques that gave a history lesson about

the Trevi. She began to rea it to herself. The Trevi Fountain stands at the junction of three

roads, marking the end point of one of Romes earliest aqueducts, Aqua Virgo. Its name literally

means Three Street Fountain. Ironic, thought Becca.

In 1629 People Urban VIII was unimpressed with the earlier version of the fountain,

claining that it lacked drama in it. He then asked architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini to renovate the

fountain, but they never were completed due to Urbans death. Over the course of the next

hundred or so years, it had many people working on it and finally finished in 1762 by Giuseppe


The plaque next to it talked about the three sculptures. In the center of it was Oceanus in

his chariot being pulled by his two sea horses, one wild and one docile, both representing the

opposing moods of the sea. Two tritons are leading the horses, the older triton is holding a

twisted shell to announce their passage.

On the left side of the arch is the statue of Abundance and it shows that she is holding a

horn of plenty and at her feet lies a toppled vase. The image above her illustrates Agrippa

commanding his generals to build the aqueduct.

Finally, on the right side is the statue of Health. She is crowned with a wreath of laurel

and holds a cup from which a snake drinks. Ew, snakes, shuddered Becca as she continued

reading. The relief above her shows a virgin lady indicating to soldiers the source of water.

“You learn something new every day.” Muttered Becca as she turned her attention to the

scavenger hunt sheet. “It says here someone needs to throw a coin in and we have to take a

photo of them doing it.”

“I can throw the coin in!” Alex offered as she produced a coin from her purse. Matthew

offered to take the photo. Alex turned away from the fountain closed her eyes and with her right

hand, tossed the coin over her back into the fountain. Matthew quickly snapped a picture. The

rest of them had turns throwing in their own coins. They all joked around for a while until finally

moving on. When they left the large crowd, they ran into Dom’s group who consisted of Stefan,

Molly, Britney, Suzanna and Paula.

“Hey guys, are you on your way to the Pantheon?” Dom asked as their groups merged


“Yeah we are. What are you guys up to?” Matthew asked.

“Get a bite to eat and sit down for a while. Wanna join?” Dom asked them. No one

seemed to mind so with they, they all walked into a restaurant together.

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