Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Becca Morris


           Anna and Becca missed out on all the fighting. When they woke up, the lights were out, and they found that most of the doors on the fifth floor were forced open. They then ran into Kendall, Suzanna and Cecily. Suzanna and Kendall passed out in Becca’s room and woke up because of Tori making a weird sound. When they looked, Tori sped out of the room. Now, the five of them then went to the fourth floor just in time to see Matthew leave Robs room. He told them what had happened then had them stay in the room. After what passed for what felt like hours, they left the room and took the stairs down to the lobby where horror awaited them. There were multiple bodies but only three that Becca knew: Molly, Melissa and Rob. On one of the couches, someone had laid Matthew, who was knocked out, with a frozen bag of peas on his bloodied face. Suzanna quickly went to the nearest person that needed her attention as did Kendall.

           Becca saw Chris sitting in a chair nearby and walked over to him, “Chris, what happened down here?”

           At first, Chris didn’t answer. He stared off into space. “Um, they attacked us. Michael and Jackson are with them. As is Sebastian. They took Danielle and the dagger.” Becca then went into the laundry room and grabbed three bedsheets. She covered the bodies up, so they couldn’t cause any more distress than they are now. For an hour, no one spoke besides Kendall and Suzanna assisting in any injuries. Matthew was awake now, holding the pea bag o his bruised face. What is their plan now? They found Tori sprawled out naked on the ground and Stefan in the hallway passed out too. From the stories about the fight that Becca heard, Tori turned into a werewolf and Stefan was a vampire.

           Finally, Matthew broke the silence. “We need a new game plan,”

**************** game plans.” Jacqueline said angrily. “People are dead, Matthew. Do you not see that? We cannot just go to the Travelers. They will kill us all just as easily as they killed Rob, Melissia and Molly. I just want to go home.”

           “You don’t think all of us want that, Jacqueline?” Josh called out. “I would love to hop on a plane and get as far from this country as I can. But they took Danielle and the dagger. They plan to resurrect their master.”

           “For all we know,” Danny said. “He could be ten times worse than the ones we’re facing now.”

           “They’re bringing back one man from the dead,” Gillian countered. “How bad can that be?”

           “It’ll be the end of the world as you know it.” A voice said. Everyone turned their heads to see a woman standing at the door. Becca sort of recognized her face but couldn’t place it where. She had a short cropped brown hair that hung down to her shoulders and fierce green eyes, like they seen things they shouldn’t have. She walked into the lobby and regarded them with a simple nod. Becca didn’t know who this woman was, but she didn’t like the vibe she was getting from her. “The Travelers, once they resurrect Talon, will bring something far more sinister with him. It’ll be the extinction of humanity.”

           “I’m sorry,” Becca said. “Exactly who are you?”

           “I figured most of you would remember me. Valeri Lawrence, your Colosseum guide and fellow witch.”

           “A witch? Aren’t you supposed to be on the Travelers side?” Wondered Justin as he nocked an arrow in place, ready to shoot her.

           “Normally, yes.” Valeri answered. “But I couldn’t stay with them knowing their plans for this world. I tried protecting you all as best as I could. Like in the catacombs.”

           “You released the werewolves and vampires?” Matthew’s face grew red. He was getting angry. Becca was too. She could have died because of their witch.

           “No. My sisters did. I tried holding them back from doing it during the incantation. But, when you are trying to fight against three other witches, you tend to lose that fight.” Valeri told them.

           “Why should we trust you?” Matthew asked her. “You said it yourself, witches work with Travelers. How do we know this isn’t a hoax?”

           Valeri lifted a ring from her pocket, “Sunrise is soon. If Stefan is caught outside, he will burn up and die. Just like a regular vampire. With this ring, though, he can walk freely in the sunlight without harm. It’s not much of a token to prove myself,” Valeri said. “But I will help you in anyway I can by telling you that when Talon rises, an ancient race of creatures will rise with him.”

           “Talon? Who is Talon?” Blake asked her. Valeri now had everyone’s attention in the palm of her hand. Everyone crowded together as she talked about Talon.

           “Talon is the sole leader of the Travelers. Marcus is just interim, has been for the last eighteen years. That is, until tomorrow when Talon’s blood will be spilled on the floor of the Colosseum, where he was born.” Valeri told them.

           “Talon’s blood?” Asked Becca. “But you said that Talon is dead. How can you spill… oh?” Becca said. She knew what Valeri was meaning. Talon’s blood won’t be spilled on the ground, but his bloodline will. “But that means…” Becca started again but Valeri cut her off.

           “Yes. Danielle is part Traveler and part witch.”

           “Part witch?” Greg said.

           “Her mother was a witch. One of the most powerful in the Traveler coven. When she was impregnated by Talon, she ran away. Didn’t want her daughter to lead this kind of life. Talon refused it. She ran away and stayed hidden for nine months. Up until the day Danielle was born Talon found her. He was on his way to kill the mother when a vortex appeared in the hospital she was at and sucked him in. She used the last of her magic to send him away. For the next eighteen years, we Travelers and Witches have looked for her all around the world. Now they found her and will resurrect Talon and the monsters he’ll bring with him.” Valeri finished her story.

           Olivia Starsky looked around with a frightened face before asking the question that everyone wanted to ask but couldn’t bear to say, “What kind of monsters?”

           Valeri took in a sharp breath, as if remembering hurt her gravely. “The Berserkers. Hulk like creatures with gray skin. Towering at seven to ten feet tall and impossibly strong. They are tough to kill, with only three things that can fully kill a Berserker. Silver is one. The other two are much rarer. A werewolf bite and a Vampire bite. However, in your favor, you have both.”

           “Jesus, just when I thought this trip couldn’t get any worse,” Morgan moaned.

           “Do you know why they want me dead? The Travelers?” Matthew asked her.

           “A little. I don’t know who gave them the order to kill you, but I do know that with you alive, you foil everyone’s plans. You are powerful, Matthew Welch. You are the only thing that scares the Travelers.” Valeri told him.

           Matthew tossed the bag of peas aside and looked Valeri square in the face, “Alright. Say you are here to help. What do you suggest we do?”

           “Take the fight to them. They don’t know I’m here. Tomorrow is the ritual to raise Talon from wherever he’s been. You need to stop it. A ninety percent of the Travelers will be in the Roman Forum. That’s were their base of operations are. Attack them there while a select group of you go to the colosseum and stop the ritual. I will hold off as long as possible.” Valeri told them. She looked at all their faces and noticed defeat. “I know this is a lot to take in. We can do this though. You can do this. If all else fails, I have put a protection spell around Rome, specifically around A-90 which circles around Rome, so if Talon and the Berserkers get free, no one can leave Rome. Not without turning into dust.”

           “Wouldn’t that just kill people when they try to leave Rome?” Asked Patrick. “That could kill thousands. Hell, more if these Berserkers do run rampart.”

           Valeri nodded, “Yes. The casualties could be catastrophic. But, in the end, people will get the idea not to cross the border. It’s the only way I can foresee.” Becca didn’t want to trust a Witch that formally worked for the Travelers, but she can also see that she might be the only way to get Dani and destroy the Travelers for good.

           Matthew seemed to be thinking the same thing as her because when he spoke, there was so much conviction in his voice, “When do we start?”

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