Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Stefan Jenner

Stefan was in a fight with those pale creatures that attacked them. Matthew, Justin and he were running for their lives with Stefan in the lead when suddenly, out of the darkness, the creature appeared and tackled Stefan to the ground. Matthew tried aiming his pistol at the things head but couldn’t risk it knowing he might hit Stefan instead. Justin rushed in and tried helping Stefan as Matthew guarded them from anything else that might attack.

Stefan and Justin finally pulled the creature away from them then Matthew turned around and shot the thing in the head. The monsters head snapped and then it crumpled to the floor.

“Is it dead?” Stefan asked.

“Want to find out or want to get out of this place?” Justin asked as Matthew and him started running down the tunnel. Stefan didn’t want to find out, so he ran to catch up with them. Stefan didn’t know it until they stopped to rest. He got bitten by the thing back there. On the side. It barely bled but it hurt like a son of a *****.

“Jesus, dude.” Justin said. “We need to leave this place as soon as possible. Screw the dagger.”

“We need that dagger if we want to turn the tides against the Travelers.” Matthew spoke.

“But what’s the point of the dagger? Alright, it can be used to kill Hijackers. But the people they Hijack are dead long before we know it. It’s no point.”

“Let’s just keep pushing,” Stefan said. “We’re close to it. We have to be.” With that, they walked the tunnels. Turning left and right. Flipping a coin on where the decide even. Finally, they reach a light at the end of one of the tunnels. Together, they walk through only to fall into darkness.

Stefan doesn’t know how long they fell or how long he was passed out. All he remembers is waking up on cold stone floor in a large chasm. In the middle of said chasm was a single podium with a ray of light hitting it. Torches were all around the room, making a large circle. Stefan stood up, his head pounding. He saw that everyone else had somehow made it to the same place him, Matthew and Justin did. They were all beginning to stir from the slumber as well. He noticed that Brett, Payton and Michelle were not among the living.

Stefan walked around to see that Tori had a giant bite mark on her shoulder like his own. Hers was more gruesome and the markings were different. Danielle was struggling to stand up. Stefan rushed over and helped her stand then held up while she got better on her feet.

“Oh ******* Danielle said. She looked around. “How did we all get here?”

“I don’t know.” Stefan replied. “But I think we found the dagger.” Both stared walking over to the dagger when they saw Neil struggling to get up and by him Cecily who had a bullet hole in her upper right shoulder. “Go,” Stefan told her. “I’ll check on her.”

Danielle walked past them to the dagger while Stefan kneeled to help Cecily sit up. Tom appeared above them, looking at Cecily’s womb.

Her first words were: “Neil. Traveler. Hi-“ then a gunshot went off. Tom yelled out in pain and hit the ground, his hands trying to stop the flow of blood gushing out of his right leg. Stefan turned around to see Neil standing up with a gun in his hands. The barrel still smoking from where he shot just mere seconds again. Everyone was now up on their feet and wide awake. Matthew aimed his gun at Neil who shook his head.

“No. You shot me, I only come back into the chamber as another person in this room. I will take that dagger and the girl. She is the key to bring back the Master! You cannot kill me, Francis Beckman! I have lived since before Christ even was conceived! I will not die from some ******* kids!”

“Except, you will.” Danielle said. Neil/Francis turned around to see Danielle held the dagger in her hands. She stabbed Neil in the stomach. The sound the dagger made when it entered Neil made a gushing wet sound. Neil gasped out loud, eyes wide open. He dropped the gun and staggered back. Danielle took the dagger out and everyone watched as Neil feel to his knees, looked at everyone, and collapsed. Dead as a doornail.

“Do you think it really worked?” Becca asked as she helped Cecily off the ground. Tom was still bleeding badly. Dom had torn off a piece of his shirt and used it as a tourniquet to stop the flow.

“I don’t know. For our sake, it did.” Danielle said.

“Guys,” called out Justin. “It’s almost eleven thirty. We have thirty minutes to get the hell out of dodge.”

“Where do we go?” panicked Cecily. “We have three injured people. I can walk but Tori is still passed out while Tom can barely walk on his own.”

“I’m fine,” Tom called out as he was helped off the ground and tenderly put weight on his bad leg. It was painful, his face said it all, but he powered through. “I’ll make it.”

“Guys, I found the only exit.” Matthew called out as he led everyone over to a small door.

“How do we know this leads out of the catacombs?” Asked Danielle. “It could very lead us down deeper.”

“It might.” Admitted Matthew. “But, it’s the only door here so we have to take our chances.” With that, he opened the door. At the end of a very long tunnel, there, the stairs that they took to enter the catacombs. Stefan looked at the time to see they have five minutes left. He told the group that. Everyone ran ahead. The only people that were lagging were Tom and Dom. Dom had Tori slung over his back.

Stefan ran back to them. Most of the others had reached the exit and ran through it. Matthew was waiting for them at the end. Stefan put Tom’s arm around him as he literally dragged Tom. Three minutes left. Dom went through the exit with Tori. Matthew ran over to Stefan and Tom. They weren’t even halfway across the tunnel yet.

“Come on, Tom.” Matthew said. “We have less than two minutes. You can make it.”

A cold sweat has broken on Tom’s forehead and he was shivering badly. “I c-c-can’t make it. Leave me.” Tom pleaded.

“We don’t leave one of our kind behind!” Matthew shouted.

“J-J-just leave m-me behind.” They now had thirty seconds. Tom handed Matthew the keys to the car while Matthew handed Tom the pistol.

“I’m sorry,” Matthew said. Tears streamed down his face. Tom only nodded. Stefan and Matthew then sprinted for the exit. They didn’t stop once, not even when they heard Tom pull the trigger. With two seconds left, they ran through the door and landed in front of their friends. Everyone scrambled to help both up. Danielle hugged Matthew tightly and kissed him on the lips.

“I thought you two were head,” Danielle said. “What happened to Tom?”

Stefan was the one that answered, “Tom didn’t make it.”

“So, he’s still…” Dani let the sentence flatter.

Stefan shook his head, “No. We have him a way out.” He didn’t need to elaborate on what that sentence meant. They all know what he meant by it. Tori was still passed out and the bit mark looked like it was slowly healing itself. As was Stefan’s own mark. They made their way back to the van without further trouble. They were all beaten and hurt. They entered the catacombs with thirteen and now are leaving with five less. Tom, Payton, Brett, Michelle and Neil are the unlucky ones. Matthew drove them back to the hotel where the night only got worse.

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