Today And Always

By @anonymous_ambivert

Today And Always

By @anonymous_ambivert

Life. A small piece of my work.

Chapter 1


1 word and 4 letters.

But it needs infinite number of words to define it. Don’t worry I won’t bore you my fellas. It’s just I am now at the age of 22 realising the pure essence of this beautiful struggle called Life. I am not the girl who is made up of spice and everything nice. I guess I am made of simple raw potato (potatoes are life, right?).

Life was never fun for me. I survived each day instead of living it. It took me one and a half year to finally get it in my head that it will work if you want it to. There is no magical spell to make it all right. But it’s you who make it right. Crazy much? I know we as students and most probably teenagers face a common disease: LIFE. 

You know what the untold truth is? We are the only doctors to treat this disease.

Teenagers! Hi to everyone of you reading this.-And yes you are a gorgeous person. I love you and you’re loved by this world. If this day is a little towards the rough side don’t worry. It gets better eventually. Today And Always.

We have so much going on in our lives.

I’ll list them? OKAY I’ll do that:


Good Grades 






Bucket list

Fantasy world


Stalking people on Social Media

Being the third wheel


Being too fat 

Being too skinny 







Dream house

That car you’ve dreamed of

Fangirling your favourite band



Is that enough? Tell me if I missed out something. So these are few of the things I guess everyone person faces as a teenager. I have. And yes, we all dream of achieving our goals like:

Having that dream sports car, preferably red, achieving the perfect Summer Body, get a job in that pays well. I mean let’s face it none of us absolutely none of wants to be AVERAGE in life. As in our whole lives.

Oxford defines this term as: An amount, standard, level, or rate regarded as usual or ordinary. Or should I say REGULAR.

Everyone fears of being average not in terms of person but in life. Average at life.”That person is average at life.”Nobody of us wants to be regarded as this. Ever. And why should we? We have this one Life and we have to stamp our impression on it not for others but for ourselves. Never do something because you want to prove something to others. Do it for yourself. Today And Always.

You aren’t here to prove your being to the world. You are here for yourself. To enjoy what you love doing.Your mother didn’t nurture you inside of her for nine months so that you can prove others that why are you here living the way you are and why did you chose to live this particular life this way! I mean I am tired for living according to people’s terms and conditions.I didn’t come with a “How to make this little baby behave? ” manual. I came to live for myself. On my own terms and conditions.

You know what you can do for yourself? Live a LITTLE rather than surviving. Today and Always.

It took me a while to understand all of this.The thing that will matter will be the shine in the eyes of your parents and all the close people when you achieve or do something good. It won’t matter even if I get negative remarks. My parents love me. I am the wonder of their creation. I won’t let it ruin because of someone else’s smart mouth.The decisions which we make are solely our decisions in life.Sometimes it may not be sensible. But life isn’t only about the good things right? Mistakes are bound to happen. And I am sorry world I can’t be that goody two shoes. I am what I am. I am who I am. Today And Always. 

I won’t change that for the world. You know in all these events happening in our lives especially when I had low self esteem or was a little lonely, what helped me? This is a little funny but I follow some pages on Instagram which told me that I’m special. Reading those simple words melt my heart. Let’s be real.

Social Media UNDERSTANDS our feelings better than any real person could. As people say Social Media is both a boon and a curse. And this bubble of social media makes me feel that I am meant to be something. And somewhere it gives Hope and for some people, social media isn’t the best thing. I mean what people show their life to be on these apps isn’t the same as reality. But we believe what we see. 

Music helps me a lot. I mean they just put my thoughts in there.Thank you creators of music. Like you feel how I feel and that’s great.I won’t go on with the music I like because it depends from person to person. And I don’t want anyone judging each other on basis of our likings. We can’t help it. The heart wants what it wants, right? Life has been hard for all of us at some point of time. Don’t let your problems overcome your happiness.Happiness is not something that you can demand. It has to be felt. Your happiness is YOU. Today And Always.

Don’t worry lad! Everyone has hard times in life. Everyone has to go through a numerous amounts of emotions. ANXIETY being the worst. But you know what, we can deal with it. You are the one and only manager of your life. And only you can show a RED card to the things you don’t wish for. Manage the things that should enter or exit from your life.It’s not easy at all. But who said it will be easy?

Life is a road but with butter on it. You’ll slip and fall. But you eventually will reach your destination. Don’t let your own insecurities overcome you. Give this thing called LIFE a shot. Maybe it will love you back if you show extra care towards it. Live it my friend. Live it! Don’t ever dream of living a life which other people have. Make a life of your own. Make it worth living! 

And remember: You’re WORTH it. Today And Always.

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