To Be Me

By @sokim
To Be Me

Ivory Moon immigrated to Canada from South Korea when she was seven years old and has never looked back since. Now in her last year of high school, she has to figure out what she wants in life. The typical life of any young adult, right? Kind of. Now transitioning into the adult world, she gets accepted into the university she always dreamed of going to by working her butt off but then gets an offer. A well-known art gallery wants to showcase her work, there's no way she can pass it up, can she?

Chapter 1


And another happy customer.  Ivory saw someone purchase one of her paintings off the wall and felt a sense of pride. That was the third painting she sold this month for more money. Being in any creative industry was hard these days, but ever since Ivory was a freshman in high school, her paintings became a hit. Well, as much of a hit an eighteen-year-old painter could be. 

She went back home and told the good news to her parents like she always did. Her parents were always supportive of what she did all her life, and that was part of the reason her career became a success. Most of it was working her ass off since ever since she could pick up a paintbrush. 

“How many paintings did you sell today?” her mom asked. “I sold one but for two hundred dollars. I’ve sold about three paintings in total this month.” Her parents kissed her on the cheek and made dinner. 

Ivory went to her room and placed the check next to her bed on a nightstand. She opened her laptop to keep track of the money she made that month and noticed an email. She opened to find it was from an art gallery in South Korea. 

Hello, Ivory Moon. We are a well known and established art gallery based in Seoul, South Korea. One of our curators attended one of your art exhibitions today and saw the talent and hard work you have been putting into your work. We think you have amazing potential and would love to have your artwork displayed in our gallery as soon as possible. Your art will be displayed in this gallery and you will be paid large sums of money from our clients who take a liking to your paintings. We would like for you to respond as soon as possible, but the final deadline for your response is the first of June, as we would like you to come to Korea right after you graduate. If you have any questions for us please feel free to contact us through email or phone. 

Sincerely, Seoul Art Gallery. 

Her jaw dropped to the floor. This couldn’t be real. It didn’t feel real to her. But it was. And she had to mke sure it was because she could easily be scammed. She googled the art gallery and did some digging to find it was legitimate. Turned out some pretty wealthy people would come to that art gallery to buy art or commission people. 

But that exitement went away as soon as it came. There was so much she had to consider before making this decison. Like, is it worth dropping college to go? Can I leave my parents and friends? So many questions ran through her mind and she had to take a minute to process it all. 

“Guseul! Come down and eat!” her mom shouted. Ivory shut her laptp and made her way downstairs wher her family ws setting the table. Tonight was a simple dinner made of rice and tonkatsu with a small salad on the side. 

She wanted to bring up the email, but didn’t how her parents would react. They were always supportive of her dreams, but she didn’t know how theyd feel if she told them she was going to leave them in three months in a country she was almost unfamilair with. She was afraid to break their hearts.

Telling them now was better than keeping it from them. But, she still hadn’t made a decision. Should she tell tem once she made her decision or now? 

“Ivory! Ivory!”

She pulled back into reality and heard her older brother call her name. “You good? You’ve kind of dazed out for a bit.” She nodded and picked up her fork and shovelled the meat into her mouth. there was no way she was ever going to let something come in between her and food.

She finished her dinner, put her plate into the sink and grabbed a popsicle on the way upstairs. 

She looked over the email again and again. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Yeah, she could get her art into other art galleries, but who knew when that time would come? It could be years before she got another amazing deal like this. 

A lot of people thought being a teenager was hard. It was, but being a teenager transitioning into their next stage of life, seemed impossible. How could she drop everything she worked towards, the friends she made over the years, for this amazing opportunity? But how could she not? 

If a chance in a lifetime came to you like this, what would you do? Say screw whatever I worked for, I’m going to drop it and pursue this instead? Things weren’t guaranteed to work out well all the time. How would she know if she would ever sell any paintings there? 

The thing is, she could go to schol anytime. She could put her education on pause and go for this opportunity, and if it doesn’t work out, she can always go back to school or go back to selling her paintings. 

She was overthinking this way too much. Or was she underthinking it? Well, whatever she was thinking, it was overriding her brain. This was why she didn’t like to think sometimes. Despite feeling defeated, she flopped into bed and got some shut eye. 

Hopefully, she’d be able to come to a decision sometime soon. 

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