By @GloriaJeans1926

Deanna Durbin leaves her life story on a bunch of cassette tapes and 17 year old Joby Ralston finds them and listens to them. But when a relative of Deanna's past wants the tapes, Joby might have an issue

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : The Tapes

Mark Ralston worked at the Uniting Press. He had worked there for over 20 years as a reporter. 

Mark had brown hair that was curly and he was pale skinned. He always wore a red tie with his white button down shirt and his grey pants.

He carried a small brown box that was labeled DD TAPES on it. No one had heard what was on the tapes . But he took the brown box home. He set them on the dining room table. 

He had a 17 year old daughter named Jobyna (Joe-Bean-na) or Joby, as she was called. Joby had brown wavy hair and fiery blue eyes. Her interest in music was big but she was going to get a real surprise from the tapes that she saw sitting on the dining room table. 

“What are these?” Joby asked her dad. Her dad shrugged. 

 She took the box to her room and set them on a desk. She had a cassette player . She took one of the tapes, put it in the player, and put on some headphones and she pressed play.

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