Tik Tok-Romance/Thriller {partly fanfiction}

By @BaileyXx

Chapter 1

Poor, Unfortunate Soul

I was sitting with my best friend and older sister, Natalie, as she helped me put foundation on all the parts of my skin that showed out of my outfit for school. We were having some sister time, as she had been in a “therapy program” for a while. My long auburn hair kept getting in my face, it was kinda long at the front and it annoyed me. I grumbled. ‘Why do I have to go to school, big sis? They’ll all *tik* bully me *tik*’ Natalie sighed as she smeared the last of the foundation onto my leg ‘Because, Alyssa, you need to go outside sometime during your life!’ I flopped back on the bed, my blue dress swishing around my legs. ‘B-But I like it-it in the h-house, *tik* it’s safe and no one can tease *Tik* me like-like-like-like the neigh-neighbourhood k-kids *tik* do ..’ Natalie sighed yet again. ‘Don’t worry, as long as I’m around no one will touch you. I’ll defend you from them like I defend you from dad.’ She smiled, but I was not an idiot. She had her own issues she needed to fix. She was much too nice to a freak like me, even if I was her little sister. Suddenly a boy who looked in his late teens jumped in through the open bedroom window. I screamed as he turned towards me, his lidless eyes boring into my memory. He had charred black hair which was covered by a bloodstained white hoodie. Natalie stepped in front of me, her form flickering and changing to a brown haired girl with a clock instead of an eye on her left side. ‘Jeff, leave her alone!’ My eyes widened as he lunged for her. ‘N-Natalie!’ I rummaged through the bedside table quickly and soon found a long meat cleaver that Dad used to cut me with before I killed him. Kill him. I lunged towards this “Jeff” and knocked him down, pressing the knife to his throat with psychotic intent. KILL him. ‘S-Stay away *tik* from m-my big s-sister, you *tik* psy-psychopath!’ He chuckled deeply. KILL HIM. In a raspy voice he said ‘Your calling me a Psychopath, when your the one with the knife to my throat?’ Jeff was finding this amusing. ******. He was right. Killing him would just make me evil aswell.. yet I didn’t move the meat cleaver. KILL HIM! I pressed it further into his throat causing a little bit of blood to trickle out of his mouth and down one of two slits (they looked freshly re-cut) his had made up his cheek bones onto his leathery white skin. KILL HIM!! It was unnerving. It made me shiver with disturbance. I soon felt arms close around me and began to struggle. But soon I heard Natalie’s voice ‘Don’t struggle, little sister.. I’m sorry.. I have to leave with Jeff.. but we’ll meet again, I promise.’ I felt her clasp my neck and soon fell to the ground, unconscious. 

..three years later..

I sat in my homeroom class for the sophmore year of highschool, ignoring the taunts and jeers of the other students. I was thinking about Natalie. How she had left with that Psychopath, leaving me alone and unconscious. The only friend I had was myself. I mean who needs a social life when you have the voices inside your head? I just want to see Natalie again. I miss her. Now I just felt empty. The teacher soon walked in and they stopped taunting me. Finally. My head filled with that static noise it usually did around this time of day. You should kill them all, Alyssa, they don’t deserve life.. I was shocked. My voices had never said anything as.. psychopathic.. as that. Not since I pressed that meat cleaver to Jeff’s throat, determined to murder him. KILL THEM! KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!! I soon found myself removing the meat cleaver from my bag, and stabbing the people nearest to me. I began to chuckle, and with each kill my chuckle became louder and evolved into a manic laugh. Once everyone had been killed and viciously ripped apart, I got control of myself again. I looked around and wept, looking down to my hands which were stained with the scarlet liquid that had poured from their corpses as a ripped them apart. I backed into a corner, holding my head in my hands, terrified of myself and this monster inside me. You did well Alyssa.. you will find and kill Jeffrey Woods for me.. I shook my head rapidly. I did not want to hurt anyone else, even the son of a ***** who had taken my big sister away from me. You know you want to.. you know you want to exact revenge on the Psychopath who has taken your sister from you.. I nodded, and felt like Tik Tok was taking over again. Tik Tok was the name I chose to call this monster inside me, because of Natalie’s other form with the ticking eye. I heard sirens outside the school. Someone had seen the carnage and called the cops. ****. I had to run!! ‘N-No no n-no no no n-no! I’m n-not going t-to hell y-yet!!’ I yelled as I dashed down the hall to the exit, my blue hoodie stained with the same scarlet liquid that covered the walls of my homeroom class. I was still clutching the meat cleaver, ready to attack if they pulled their guns on me. I have to survive. I have to kill Jeffrey Woods at all costs. Even if I have to kill billions of people to get to him! I filled with rage at the thought of that ************ as I burst out the front doors of the highschool. It was surrounded by cop cars. They began to shoot at me, but I could feel nothing and, miraculously, they healed straight away. I have to admit that was epic. Just like wolvereen! I began chuckling and yet again it became a manic laugh. They shook in fear of me, to them I seemed indestructible. They dropped their guns. I stopped laughing and looked down, my face growing dark as a raised my meat cleaver. ‘Idiotic move..’ I muttered before rushing forwards in the split of a second and slashing their throats open. I stood still, puffing air out of my lungs, and glanced back at the carnage. I laughed maniacally. Killing felt… Amazing! ‘T-Tik Tok, Tik T-Tok, T-Tik Tok, *tik* b-better escape b-before *tik* your time-time is *tik* u-up~’ I sing-songed, my tiks rudely interrupting my words. I did a cartwheel as I skipped away, laughing like a maniac. Where would I go? I had no idea, but if I kept walking maybe fate would guide me to somewhere I could stay until I could buckle down to my Jeffrey hunt. I snapped back to reality and found myself face-to-belly button with a tall figure in a suit. I looked up and my jaw fell open as I gazed at the white skinned faceless figure. Hello, child. I am Slenderman. You will now work for me. The creatures voice echoed through my mind, similar to Tik Tok’s.. but different. His was kind in a way. ‘Do I get a home?’ I asked, relieved. Yes, child, I own a mansion which you can live in with my other… Employees.. He offered a hand with long, bony, white fingers to me and I put my grey skinned hand onto his warily. Suddenly we appeared in a mass of trees, in front of what looked like a run-down old mansion. I’d heard of this place, that it moved around the world everytime the authorities got close to finding it, that it was owned by an ominous faceless figure. Slendermansion… Home of the most famous psychopaths in the world.. The Creepypastas… I gazed in awe at my new home. I was in the location in which my favourite urban legends lived. Slender took me inside the mansion, and a few Creepypastas who were there I could identify as Eyeless Jack, Eyeless Lulu, Sally, Ticci Toby, and Jane The Killer. They all sat in the main room either chatting or sharpening knives and other weapons that they were commonly known for. Soon Slender spoke in his static voice. Everyone, I would like you to meet my newest Proxie. I stepped out from behind him, smiling slightly. ‘H-Hi, I’m Alyssa or-or you c-can call me-me Tik T-Tok..’ Toby looked up from his hatchets and grinned, he wasn’t wearing his mask so I could clearly see it. ‘H-Hey! Someone l-like me! Coo-cool!’ I grinned back. It was nice knowing I wasn’t the only one with my strange condition. I froze as a girl with a clock for an eye walked in with the boy that had a painted smile. Natalie and Jeff.. tears filled my eyes as she spotted me and gasped. She hadn’t expected to ever see me again. ‘Alyssa?!’ She asked, her voice full of happiness and shock. I nodded slowly as tears trickled down my cheeks. ‘Its me, big sis..’ I ran into her arms and we embraced. She soon let go, took a deep breath and smiled. ‘What are you doing here, little sis?’ I explained everything in a nutshell that had happened since she left with Slits. Slits just stood there, and I didn’t notice him looking at me. Not with disgust. Or anger. Or plain nothing. With lust. I thought he was just being a perv at the time. [Oi!] [What? You have a pretty big perv reputation on the internet, Jeff!] [No I don’t!] [Whatever, back to the story that I was trying to tell before my husband here rudely interrupted] I had grown lots since he last saw me. Afterall, I was only twelve back then. I glanced at him and he quickly looked away. I walked towards him and slapped him round the ****** face. ‘Because of you *tik* was alone, alone at the time I *tik* needed someone there for me the most. Your a *tik* ******* **** and I don’t want you talking *tik* to me!’ That was the clearest I had ever spoken in my whole life. Despite the few tiks, of course. Everyone tensed in suspension. Jeff chuckled ‘Big words for such a young girl, Tik Tok.’ He kissed my cheek before casually walking off, leaving me frozen to the spot. What just happened? Did the person I hated the most just kiss me? Everyone un-tensed as he left, looking right at me. ‘Not a-again *tik*..’ Toby muttered ominously

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