Tick Tock

By @DefinitlyKiki115

Tick Tock

By @DefinitlyKiki115

Juniper Hatter, daughter of the crazy mad hatter himself, has been told her entire life that she was going insane. That she will become like her father. Is she really going to turn out like her father? When she meets the crazy cat Chandlar Cheshire, everything changes. She's okay with being insane because she knows she's not alone. Follow the Fated 10 in their journey to defeat The Wolf. Yeah that's right. The wolf from the little red riding hood which everyone knows so well. He's back again.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The room was like the back of her mind. Dark and yet light at the same time. She never quite understood why it had to be her. Why she had to be the crazy one. Well at least everyone told her she was going to be. Just like her father. She knew she wasn’t crazy. Everything she’s seen…it was all there. It was real. Juniper stared at the glass mirror her father made for her, for her 12th birthday and sighed. Was she really crazy? Was she really going crazy like her father did? She didn’t look crazy in the mustard yellow, long sleeve, skin tight shirt, and light denim blue mini skirt she was wearing. The only crazy thing she wore were her checkered Vans. At least that’s what the mirror told her.

“Juniper, it’s time to go! Hurry up or I’ll drag you this time.” Jeric shouted down the hall and peeked his head around the corner. She hated having a twin brother who could care less about her.

“If you don’t stop yelling, everyone will think you’re the crazy one, you bloody ********* Then she smiled the craziest smile she could think of and he glared.

“Aye, who you calling bloody ******. Juniper. If anyone’s a bloody ****** it’s you stupid.” Realizing he wasn’t worth her time anymore, she shut her mouth. His ego was bigger than the galaxy combined with the next. Her strength was what was important momentarily. Getting through the school day was already hard enough most of the time and she didn’t really need his stupidity this early in the morning.

“Let me grab my bag and we can go.” Juniper grabbed her bag and charged out the door and down the hallway after her brother. She really hoped her day at school would be better than what she thought it would be.

The school day went by pretty fast and there weren’t any problems today. She was extremely grateful that no one bothered her.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Juniper sighed for the second time today and cursed under her breath. Stopping to turn around to face the three people she’d been avoiding all day. Hailey Hearts, Cassie White, and Jaclyn Jester. The only people in her life besides her brother that tried to make her life miserable.

“Home. How about you?” She laughs. “Oh wait don’t answer that you’re too bloody dense to even realize you’re standing here.” Hailey shot daggers in Juniper’s direction.

“Says the bloody ****** who’s too ugly for her own good. This is our spot. Get bloody lost.” Juniper rolled her eyes.

“See you’re bloody stupid. That’s exactly what I was doing before you stopped me. I would have been half way home by now.” Cassie snorted. 

“I think the real reason is why you even considered coming this way.” Juniper once again realized that they weren’t worth her time so she decided to use the words that popped into her head just then.

“There is a time coming when there will be no time. Tick tock, tick tock. Time is precious, time is pure. Tick tock, tick tock.” And at that she bounded off towards her house. She stopped at the park on the way. When she got there she realized that someone was sitting in her swing. Someone she’d never seen before. He was staring at her. When he looked at her it was almost as if time stopped and everything faded around them.


He grabbed her hand and pulled her behind the tree. As he leaned close to her to whisper in her ear, she could smell the strong scent of his cologne lingering in the air.

“I don’t think you’re crazy Juniper. I see them too. They’re everywhere.” She pushed back against the tree to look at him. 


“I see them, the creatures that you see, the words, the craziness. I see it too. Everyone always told me I was crazy…” He looked down as if he was ashamed to say it. Some words of her own managed to push themselves to the front of her brain.“There are many people around us that will always make a fuss. Only the ten who are fated. They will save them all. Tick tock, tick tock. The time is coming, the time is coming.” When he looked up to meet her eyes, she noticed that it wasn’t a sad face, but instead a smile.

“Tick tock, tick tock. The crazy cat and the mad hat are back again to save them all.”


Juniper gasped in realization of what just happened. This had never happened before. What was that? Was it a vision? Before anything else could happen she sprinted past the park and all the way home. When she finally got up to her room she sat down on her bed and opened her journal. She couldn’t get those blazing icy blue eyes out of her head. The smell of his cologne still lingered in her nose and the tickle of his breath on her neck still on her skin. She’s definitely going crazy. It was almost as if it had happened The words they had shared were incredible. It was like their own language. Who was he and why had she shared this with him? The thoughts raced through her brain as she felt herself falling asleep. She hadn’t realized just how tired she was until she had settled down on her bed with her journal in hand.

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    Amazing! A little fast in my opinion, but I really like the story!

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