This Side of My Skin

By @prpl_ppl_eatr

This Side of My Skin

By @prpl_ppl_eatr

When Violet is sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit, she's shocked to find several girls in the same boat as her.

Chapter 3


Kenya is so full of herself. She’s in here because she’s a prostitute. Not a murderer. Her mama testified for her. You don’t get charged with murder if its self-defense. She just wanted to scare the new girl. But, she was right about one thing. They always handcuff the murderers. Violet isn’t one. I know because I did it.

“I’m Olympia. I went to Foxworth High.”

“Why did we need to know that?” Cassie interrogates.

“Y’all didn’t. But Violet does. Violet, did you hear me?”

“What?? Oh no. I didn’t. Why, was it important?”

“Yeah it was. I’m gonna repeat myself once, and only once. So, pay attention. I went to Foxworth High.”

“Hey, me too,” says Violet.

“Yeah, I know. I remember the homicidal kindergartener. I remember when your birthmark disappeared. I remember when Michelle went missing. But, I know it wasn’t your fault.”

“Really? Who was it then?” Violet says with a hint of disbelief.

“Me. She deserved it too.”

“How? Sure, she was a jerk. But, she didn’t deserve to die.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, new girl.” Oh, is she wrong. So, wrong.

“Fine then. Tell us how she deserved to die. We’re all dying to hear who Olympia the Monster became a murderer.” Violet says nastily.

“That was a little rude,” says Kait in her annoying(I think its fake) Irish accent.

“Well, I’m sorry if I don’t entirely believe her. I’ve never seen her in my life.”

“Then how does she know about Michelle, your birthmark, and the homicidal kindergartener?” Kait says.

“Because I said it. Everyone heard me.”

“DO Y’ALL WANNA KNOW WHY I’M HERE, OR NOT?” I scream a little too loud.

“That was a little unnecessary,” Ana responds cooly.

“Well, do you?”

“Just tell the story.” Violet says.

“I will. But, first you need to understand something. Your family wasn’t the only family who knew what your future held. Michelle’s parents knew too. They’re the only people your dad and Tyler told. But, they told Michelle to stay away from you because you were a killer. We were 3rd graders when we were introduced to the homicidal kindergartener.

“Michelle’s the one who told everyone you were a homicidal maniac. But, that isn’t why she’s dead. And that isn’t why I’m in here.

“I was new in 3rd grade and I was shy. Michelle was the first one to talk to me, so as expected we became friends.

“We did everything together. Until you tried to kill yourself in high school. She told the entire school it was because you ‘prego and didn’t want to tell your dad’, her words. Not mine.

“She taped nudes on your locker while you were in the hospital. She texted Jimmy not to give you anything when she saw you walking towards him. Because she wanted to watch you suffer.

“But, Jimmy told you how to make meth. For $200, but still. Michelle was furious. She made him overdose. She inserted a mixture of cocaine and heroin directly into his bloodstream. She made sure he couldn’t tell on her.

“Jimmy was my boyfriend. We were planning to move in together after I graduated, and she ruined it. She jacked up my future. But, that isn’t why she’s dead.

“When your mark started to disappear, she went ballistic. She had an affair with our science teacher. She screwed every single male person at that school. Including the principal. Everyone hated her. Except me. She might have taken the love of my life, but I still hung out with her. She would go to PTO meetings just to screw single dads, older brothers of students, and the volunteers who prepared the food. But, that isn’t why I killed her.

“Why’d you kill her then?” New girl asks with a hint of annoyance.

“I’m getting there. No one interrupted your pity story, so shut up.

“Anyway, Michelle got tired of the guys, so she started doing the girls. All of them, except me. She tried doing my sister, but she started screaming before Michelle even started. I was still furious. But, that isn’t why she’s dead.

“She’s dead because of what she did to you.

“People can block out and ‘forget’ memories of horrific events, so I’m not surprised if you don’t remember this.

“We were driving to Michelle’s house when she decided to stop at yours. When she pulled up to your apartment complex and knocked on your door, Tyler answered it. He didn’t know who we were, but assumed we were picking you up for a school thing because he knew you didn’t have any friends, and made you come with us. 

“We drove to one of her dad’s restaurants and I guess you thought we were getting food because you were the first one out of the car, but, Michelle had other plans. When you and I got to the side entrance, she said she forgot her phone and not to go inside until she came back. And, she came back. But without her phone. Instead, she had a hammer.

“She stuffed a pair of socks in your mouth so you couldn’t scream, and dragged you to the back of the building, even though it was dark and no one could see us. She began to hit you with the hammer, about 7 times. Twice on your left arm, which shattered it. Once on your right ankle. Once on each calf.

Once on your right shoulder, and once on your right thigh. She hit me once on the top of my foot, and told me to hit her once on her shin, so we looked liked victims of mugging. 

“She called 911 and when they arrived with 3 ambulances, the detective who was working the case was one of the single PTO dads. So, she was able to bribe him.

“You went into rehab as soon as you were able to walk on your own. Well, with the assistance of crutches.

“2 days before you left, I invited Michelle on a hike. She agreed, and because her parents were in Bora Bora and her sister was visiting their grandma in Illinois, she had no one to tell where she was going. We hiked for about an hour until I had to ‘take a break’ There was no cell phone service where we were, so she couldn’t call for help when she saw me pull out a gun instead of a water bottle. When she asked why I had it I told her it was for emergencies. I told her you never know what kind of creeps were in the woods. She stopped questioning me because she understood what I meant, until I shot her right ankle. 

“She started screaming, so I shot her again. This time, the bullet hit her left arm. She kept asking why. I told her you didn’t deserve it. I shot her again in the exact same spot. Then I shot her two more times. Once per calf. Then I shot her right shoulder and thigh.  

“She kept screaming. I hadn’t hit an artery or any major organ. So, she wouldn’t die as fast. The last shot went through her heart, but before I fired, I said ‘This one’s for Jimmy and Veronica. The other 7, were for Violet Shepard.’ 

“When I got home, my parents saw my clothes and knew what I’d done. So, I shot them. I never liked them anyway. They were abusive.

“Which is why I’m here. For the murder of my parents. Not Michelle’s.”

“You killed her f-f-for me?” She sounds confused.

“Yeah. Michelle was mean to everyone, and they probably deserved it. But, the one person who didn’t, was you. You never hurt anyone, well except your dad and Tyler, but they love you, so it was okay.”

“But, how do the police not know it was you?”

“Because some idiot told them I was at the cemetery, visiting Jimmy’s grave, even though I wasn’t, and never told anyone to cover for me. Besides, I never went to visit Jimmy. It was too sad. Anyway, I wanted to go down for it. I wanted people to know why I did it. I wanted people to know what a terrible person she was. Except, they arrested you. A recovering addict who had every right to get back a Michelle. But, didn’t.”

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