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By @astrid_hartman

The Princess's Dream

A re-telling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses by the Grimm Brothers



Her long blonde hair flowing,

Music playing,

Gentlemen swaying

How she loved it all

The rush from being in a partner’s strong arms,

Keeping time with the music

It made her smile.


The soldier was the one that ruined,

Spoiled, trampled,

Her dancing dreams.

Foiled her, he did

Pretending to drink the sleeping potion,

But only faking,

Telling her father their secret


Forced to marry him, she was!

Forced into something she did not want.

Her world was soundless.

No longer did he let her dance, prance

He laughed at such words.


So now she sat, greying







Hating the thump of his bad leg on the floor

Seeing his shadow when he stood,

Never meeting his eyes.


For brief moments of time,

She allowed herself to remember, to dream.

To hear the music,

The singer’s sing,

The violin strings.


But she tried not to succumb

To those happy memories,

For it only made the present colder,

The pain harder

As his leg thumps along the wood,

Grating her ears until she screams

Bursting into tears.


Her world exploding, imploding

Her mind torn between realities

And memories,

Never truly wanting to return

To the present, the now,

The cage she is in, never able to escape

But instead to hide within. 

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