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By @astrid_hartman

The First Flame

It felt like a rollercoaster 

Every time you looked at me,

My heart rate went up,

The butterflies fluttered in my stomach


It doesn’t hurt

When I think about you now,

The memories are like old polaroids,

Faded and unfocused


But I do wonder about you,


Wondering what you ever did with your life


Did you ever reconcile with your parents?

Go to Lincoln for college?

Get that business degree you wanted to maybe pursue?


I do still care about your wellbeing,

I do hope you’re doing well,

Wherever you may be


And I hope you’re happy,

I really do.


I hope that,

If there is someone,

That she makes you laugh,

I hope she values your smile, 

And that she completes you

When you hold her close


My last words to you

On the last day of senior year were:

“I wish you the best of luck.”

And that is still true,

I just hope you are living up to

Your extraordinary potential


I hope you see what I saw in you,

That someone out there

Is holding up the mirror that you’re missing,

And showing you

The amazing person you really are 


They’re holding up the mirror that I didn’t have… 

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