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By @astrid_hartman

Inner Model, Outer Beauty

The camera flashes,

The studio lights

Illuminate my face

As I pose,

The fan blowing my hair


Her brow is furrowed

In concentration,

Paying attention to her canvas


Changing my poses,

Moving my hair


I no longer feel self-conscious

Of the flashing lights

And staring eyes 

It is something

I have become

Accustomed to


When the lights are shut off,

The studio door closed

She shows me the pictures 

That she took of me


But the girl in those pictures,

That is not me

She is beautiful,



That is not me

It was the lighting,

The photographer,

That made me look this way


Why do we let the mirrors lie to us?

Why can we never

Believe we are beautiful,

Why can we never

See it for ourselves

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