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By @astrid_hartman

Fraying Silence

I am nostalgic 

About the future today,

If that’s even possible


I reminisce on our future parting ways

The excuses you will use 

When you never answer my texts

And ponder the reasoning 

On why the heavens 

Allowed our worlds to collide

When all you were going to do 

Was say goodbye, in the end


I dreamed of you last night

Even my subconscious would not lie to me

You didn’t speak to me

In the dream,



I am nostalgic about the future

Reminiscent of our impending doom

You could see it on the horizon,

Even during our fairy tale sunset

That always happens at the end

Of every movie

You could see it hovering just beyond the sun’s rays

But I was blind,

I believed you valued us enough

To want our friendship to work


Your silence, even now,

Is one of the final nails in our coffin

I miss you,

Why can’t you see that?

Why can’t you see how much you’re hurting me? 


I never knew that silence could hurt

I only thought words could

But, that was before I met you


I’m fraying,


Like a poorly made sweater

I’m a mess of threads, of patches 

That are trying to hold me together

Won’t you thread the needle? 

Won’t you try and fix me? 

But I’m too much for you now

I’m too much work

More work than I’m worth…


All those memories that we share together,

All for naught

It hurts to think of you

To remember all the fun times we had together

Don’t you remember?


Please tell me that you do…



I’m only greeted with silence,

In return. 

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