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By @astrid_hartman

George III

His body, so frail

No hair on his head

His hazel eyes sparkle

But I know he’s hiding something within.


The cancer eats away at his happiness, his youth

He puts on a show, trying to pertain a glow

But this glow falters and for a moment shows within,

How battered and broken his spirit is.


As his life continues to spin

Out of control, as the cancer strengthens 

Making us pray hard to a God 

Who hopefully heals him

But George doesn’t believe that there is any more that he can deal with.


And so his hazel eyes are now dull, for he accepts defeat

No longer do they sparkle 

As the cancer continues to eat,

And valiantly destroy what doctors have tried so hard to keep.


Maybe we all are putting on fake smiles and faulty glows

To show that we’re not hurting too,

To show his cancer hasn’t affected us so.

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