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Their Last Words.

By @MeaningfulMee

Their Last Words

Just a seventeen year old girl, her mind was ahead,

Until she was unconventionally taken to bed.

Hands below her belt were making her melt.

The imagines left in her head, made her want to be dead,

Where there’s a will there’s a way, now she ain’t gonna change the world some day.

Her last words were a cry for rights but no one was willing to fight.

Just a nineteen year old kid, his family wanted to get rid.

All alone in the world, just wanted a thrill, so he turned to a pill.

The magical white powder isn’t so magical in the morning.

But he was gone before he got the warning.

His last words were scares for help but no one heard him yelp.

Just a sixteen year old boy, dark skin late out at night.

He was doing everything right but the officer was on the far right.

his hands in his back pocket, going to give his girl a precious locket.

But BANG, officer said that sweet boy was part of a gang.

His last words were pleads for justice but no one was willing to see that it was injustice.

Just a fifteen year old girl, trying to make her way in the world.

baby inside that she was trying to hide.

Made her choose but she lived up north, so no support.

Was trying to turn back the clock but instead it just stopped.

Her last words were cry’s for a change but it was to far out of their range.

Just a fourteen year old soul, who had one goal.

Blinded by the online, she would put her life on the line.

For that perfect figure, she looked in the mirror, thought she was disfigured.

One day, two days, ten. Fading away, wanted to be as skinny as a sun ray.

No one noticed it until she motionless.

Her last words just asked, am I skinny yet?

None of these last words needed to be said but we poisoned them worse than lead.

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