The Witness

By @voice_ss

The Witness

By @voice_ss

Jenna is a 27 year old girl who lives in her apartment with her 28 year old brother, Tristan. It is September 21, 2003, not too long after one of the most infamous events in American history, 9/11, so there is lots of tension and conflict between Americans and Muslims. When Jenna goes out to work, she stumbles upon her brother, just barely hanging on. She figures out that he was assaulted. Explore with them to find the assailant, along with new discoveries and obstacles

Chapter 16

Chapter Fourteen

When I came to, Tristan was sitting next to me on the hospital bed, staring at the TV. I held his hand and squeezed gently to show him that I was awake, since it hurt to use my voice. He jumped a little before smiling down at me sadly. “Hey. How’re you holding up…?” I managed a nod, and he nodded back. Right then, I heard the name “Ethan Grace” and we both turned our attention towards the TV.

What he said in the interview is nothing worth repeating – only dirt, like “I did this for God,” or “God would be proud of me. I’m ridding the world of monsters”. Nothing but dirt.

Detective Collins had the final say, though, as he took the microphone from the reporter. Tristan and I could only hope that Detective Collin’s words were the ones that got through to the public.

This crime – these crimes… No, these acts of terror… were not committed by men of God. The men who hijacked the planes during September 11th, 2001 were not men of Allah, and Ethan Grace was not a man of God. No. In reality, these men were depraved barbarians who warped the benevolent words of religion, and any religion would have suited them fine, and used them for their own greed. Just as Ethan Grace has attempted to taint the message of Christianity, the hijackers attempted to taint the message of Islam. Why should innocent people be faulted for the disgusting acts of barbarians? The hijackers of September 11th not only hurt thousands of Americans, but also hurt millions of Muslims around the world, destroying their peace. No. These men were not men of God, and they don’t correctly represent the millions of Christians and Muslims who use sacred text to help others rather than hurt them, who try to find peace and beauty in this world.

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