The Witness

By @voice_ss

The Witness

By @voice_ss

Jenna is a 27 year old girl who lives in her apartment with her 28 year old brother, Tristan. It is September 21, 2003, not too long after one of the most infamous events in American history, 9/11, so there is lots of tension and conflict between Americans and Muslims. When Jenna goes out to work, she stumbles upon her brother, just barely hanging on. She figures out that he was assaulted. Explore with them to find the assailant, along with new discoveries and obstacles

Chapter 1

Thank You For Reading

Welcome to The Witness. I thank you for reading this book and I hope that you enjoy it. This book is heartfelt and I hope that it is all that I want it to be. Funny, heart-wrenching, emotional, and very, very heavy. If you have any tips, I’d be happy to hear them. Thanks! Now, welcome again, to The Witness.



DISCLAIMER: There are detailed descriptions and blood in this book. If you are uncomfortable with this, please read this sentence before continuing. If you are comfortable with the sentence, then you will be fine with this book. However, if you aren’t, you want to reconsider reading this book. Sorry!!

Sentence: The blood was pooling along his barren chest, some of it seeping into the dry dirt around him.

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