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The Wild Case

By @Manasvi

The Wild Case

The Wild Case

By: Manasvi Ankanapalli

Prologue: Tension was rising between the two families. There was bound to be a court case soon. Sure the two families didn’t get along but no one thought it was going to be this bad. One side included the Goodman family with Lawyer May Burman. The other side included the Washington family with Lawyer Davis Dalton. Both families were rich and Lord Washington had accused Lord Goodman of murdering his daughter-in-law, Olivia because he was mad that she had married his son rather than their son. When Lord Goodman refused to say that he was guilty then the court case began. And boy, no one saw what was coming.

Tension and worry filled the court as the judge made his way through the courtroom hallway. This is what everyone in the courtroom thought as the judge walked past, “How could Lord Washington accuse Lord Goodman of killing their daughter-in-law without any proof?” Well, they’ll find out soon enough. The Judge sat down and began reading the case. ¨I see, so this case is an accusation of murder then,” said the judge. He looked at Lord Washington’s face and then nodded at him. ¨Are you sure? I think that Lord Goodman is responsible for killing Olivia. So I claim that Lord Goodman is guilty!¨

“That is for the jury to decide, your honor,” said Lawyer May Burman.

“Oh but I have proof that Lord Goodman is guilty,” claimed Lawyer Davis Dalton. “May I call Mr.John Boover up to the witness box your honor?”

“You may,” the judge said.

Mr.Boover got up and slowly walked to the witness box. So slowly it had seemed that it was an act. When he finally got to the box, Lawyer Davis Dalton said, “Mr.Boover, you told me that you had seen the murder. Is that true?”

“Yes, I did see the murder. Olivia was murdered with a knife,” Suddenly Lawyer Davis Dalton jerked his head up and gave Mr.Boover a cold hard stare.

“I object!” yelled Lawyer May Burman. “How can somebody who saw the murder say that Olivia was murdered with a knife when there was a bullet inside her head! I say that Mr.Dalton here has put up an act and that Lord Washington is guilty!”

“Mrs.Burman! How dare you accuse a well-known lawyer without any proof! Also, how would you believe that a man could kill his own son’s wife? If you accuse Mr.Dalton or Lord Washington again then your career in law is over Mrs.Burman! That is part of the script right?” the judge said looking at Lawyer Davis Dalton.

“What script?” asked lawyer May Burman.

“The script that Mr. Dalton gave me and paid me to be a ‘’judge’’ for this case,” suddenly the judge clasped his hand over his mouth. “ I wasn’t supposed to say that right?”

“Oh no, you weren’t! I knew you were too much of a blabbermouth for this part.” Lawyer Davis Dalton said, furious. He ran toward the judge like a bull would run toward you if you were holding a piece of red cloth. Suddenly the whole courtroom exploded with fights and arguments about whether the judge was telling the truth. About an hour later everyone got tired of fighting and went out of the courtroom. As lawyer May Burman was exiting the courtroom with Lord Goodman, a man walked up to her.

“Are you Lawyer May Burman?” he asked.

“Yes, I am Lawyer May Burman. Can I help you?”

“I have proof that Lord Washington murdered Olivia,” the man claimed.

“Okay, come by my office later tomorrow and bring the proof,” said lawyer May Burman

One day Later……

There was a knock on lawyer May Burman’s office.

“Come in!” said lawyer May Burman.

“Uh, hello. I am Mr.James. You told me to come by your office yesterday,”

“Ah yes. Come in. Please do sit down. You said that you had proof Lord Washington has killed Olivia,”

“Yes, I do have proof that Lord Washington killed Olivia. I am one of the watchmen at Lord Washington’s house. I was looking at the CCTV footage when I found this. It was in the trash in the watchmen’s post,” the man handed over a tape recording and placed it on the desk. “I thought it might help you and Lord Goodman win the case,”

“Thank you, Mr.James,” replied lawyer May Burman. Then he got up and left the office. Lawyer May Burman also got up and went to Lord Goodman’s house.

On the way, as she was at a traffic light, a truck was coming straight for her! Thank goodness that Lawyer May Burman made a sharp turn to the right. As she was looking at the driver’s seat to see who had supposedly tried to kill her, she was surprised to see Lawyer Davis Dalton at the wheel. Was he trying to kill her? She shook the thought off and continued her way to Lord Goodman’s house.

When she reached there, she was surprised to see that he was pacing back and forth with worry. “What’s wrong?” asked Lawyer May Burman.

“Oh thank goodness!” exclaimed Lord Goodman.

“ What’s wrong?” Lawyer May Burman asked again.

“I got a call that you wouldn’t be alive in the next hour,” informed Lord Godman. “Did someone try to kill you on the way here?”

“Well yes actually,” remembered lawyer May Burman. “A truck tried to crash into me and when I looked into the driver seat I saw Lawyer Davis Dalton inside the truck,”

“So he did try to kill you,” said Lord Goodman. “I wonder why,”

“I think I know why. He must have overheard the conversation I had with Mr.James,”

“Who is that?” asked Lord Goodman.

“Oh! I almost forgot! He was the one that gave me proof that Lord Washington is guilty! Here it is” she said reaching inside her purse to pull out the tape.

“Let’s see what’s inside it,” said Lord Goodman walking toward the computer. When they put the tape in, they were astonished at what they saw.

The Next Day….

Lawyer May Burman was walking to the courtroom with the proof that Lord Washington was guilty when suddenly she was jabbed in the stomach with a knife by a masked man. She staggered and fell. The man took off his mask to reveal the evil smile of Lawyer Davis Dalton.

“Now you will never win this case,” said Lawyer Davis Dalton. But little did he know what would happen next. Then he picked up May Burman’s purse which contained that proof and then walked away.

“Oh no!’ cried Lord Washington. “What on earth has happened?”

Lord Washinton picked up Lawyer May Burman and yelled, “Help! Help!” Suddenly a woman that looked like another lawyer rushed over to see what was happening. Then, the ambulance was there in minutes.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Davis Dalton was heading to his office with the proof when he bumped into Mr. James and dropped it.

“The proof!” he yelled. He lunged for the proof but was too slow for Mr.James.

“I’ll take that!” said Mr.James, snatching it up from the floor.

Lawyer May Burman was rushed along the long hospital hallway. Then she was taken into a blinding white room. Lord Goodman was pacing back and forth in worry for a long time. Suddenly the doctor came out of the room the Lawyer May Burman was getting surgery in.

“How is she?” asked Lord Goodman.

“She is fine. A shard of the knife remains in her body. We can take it out but we don’t have enough O-negative blood in the hospital.”

“Oh, dear!” exclaimed Lord Goodman. “How are we going to get that blood type?”

“You can have a whole body of it right here!” yelled a voice coming up the hallway. It was Mr.James!

“Oh, thank heaven you are here Mr.James!” Exclaimed Lord Goodman. “If she does not survive this, I would lose a dear friend and I would have to get a new lawyer! Do you know how much lawyers cost these days?!”

“There’s no time to waste!” said Mr.James, with a grim expression. The doctor took Mr.James to donate his blood. Later, after Mr.James gave the blood, he handed Lord Goodman the proof and said with a worried expression,” The trail starts in 3 hours. If we don’t get there in time then the trial will be postponed and then Dalton has another chance of stealing the proof,” Lord Goodman remained silent. Just then the doctor came out of the room. Lord Goodman and Mr.James stood up. Then the doctor said looking at their worried faces,” She is fine. It turns out that our X-rays were wrong.”

“Oh Thank goddess!!” exclaimed Lord Goodman.

“Will she be able to go to a trial in 3 hours?” asked Mr.James

“She will not be able to go physically but she will be able to join through a screen if she is willing to give her energy. I do recommend not to let her strain her voice too much.”

 At the trial……

“Where is your Lawyer?” asked the new judge asked.

“I am right here” A big screen showed Lawyer May Burman. “I will have to join virtually due to my injuries.” She looked pointedly at Lawyer Davis Dalton as she said that.

“Let’s begin. Lawyer May Burman, do you have anything to say against Lord Washington?” asked the judge.

“I would like to give some proof that Lord Washington killed Olivia. Play the tape please.” The tape was projected onto a screen. Everyone was shocked at what they saw. You must be wondering what was on the tape. I will tell you:

Lord Washington: Will you accept my offer?

Olivia: No! Just because I am your daughter-in-law doesn’t mean that I have to give up everything!

Lord Washington: Oh yes it does! Either you will give me ALL of your land or else extreme measures will have to be taken. (Lord Washington drew out a gun)

Olivia: No! You can’t! You are evil! I should never have married your son! I should have followed my heart and married Lord Goodman’s son. You threatened me into marrying your……y…your son!

Lord Washington: Oh shut up!

(The sound of a gunshot)

Everyone stood in stunned silence. “Well,” Said the judge,” Lawyer Davis Dalton do you have anything to say against Lord Goodman?”

As Lawyer Davis Dalton was going to speak up Lord Wahington stopped him.

“What use can you be of now! Everything is ruined! I surrender.” Lord Washington came up to the witness box. “I killed Olivia because her family had a lot of land and money and I wanted to expand my wealth. I made a cold-hearted decision and I shall accept any punishment that is put on me. 

“The Jury has made their decision,” said the Judge. His voice rang loud and clear throughout the courtroom. “On the act of murder, Lord Washington is sentenced to 16 years in jail. The trial is over. Everyone may go.”

“Can you believe it!” exclaimed Mr.James. “We won the case!”

Everyone on Lord Goodman’s side rejoiced.

2 Weeks Later…..

“How are you feeling?” asked Lord Goodman.

“I am feeling better. I will finally get to get out of here!” replied May Burman, happy.

As soon as she said that the doctor walked in and said, “Hello! A nurse will come in to discharge you soon.”

“Thank you, doctor,” said Lord Goodman

After that they all have a peaceful life, I mean as peaceful as the life of a lawyer can get.

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