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the werewolves truth

By @scarsforlife21

werewolves truth

Some people say that werewolves are to be the most respected creatures of the supernatural that they can’t go from omegas to alphas to betas they believe that omegas are to be the slaves of the pack or that omegas are to have no wolves that betas can’t be alphas or alpha cant become omegas they even believe that omegas can’t have mates because no one would want them because they are the slaves of the pack. But in reality, everyone can go from omegas to betas to alphas, even alphas can fall back down to omegas and betas can become omegas or even an alpha. Omegas do have wolves. Honestly, omegas are the strongest of them all because they go through all that abuse and still keep on living. They don’t let anyone put them down or make them want to kill themself they just believe that one day their life will get better. a lot of stories i read they treat omegas like they are supposed to let you treat them how they see fit. You ask me why I respect wolves so much because omegas remind me that everyone can become kings and that every king can fall back down, and everyone can climb up to be a king. Everyone treats there pack different some treat all members like family some treat them like they are disposable, what the point in making a Otha to love, cherish and protect your pack when all you do is protect them or at least try to, some alphas are too lazy to even train there pack to protect themselves it like they expect them to be born knowing how to fight, some alphas don’t really care for their pack they just care to the title the power and respect that they haven’t earned. Out of all supernatural werewolves are supposed to be the most kind of them all but not all of them live up to their reputation, some try to destroy that reputation to make it seem like werewolves kill humans like vampires do, but they don’t in reality werewolves try to protect humans from vampires. Not all vampires are bad, just some live for the power and the high they get from human blood, if vampires were not so power hungry, they would be treated with the same respect werewolves get, there wouldn’t be all these fights for territory and humans wouldn’t be in danger. Some vampires have an alliance with werewolves to keep humans safe from other vampires. Most people believe that vampires can’t walk in the sun. No one knows for sure, but I believe they can. I mean I read more stories about them walking in the sun than I do about them staying in the dark. Maybe they just don’t like the sun but still come out. Whether they come out in the sun or not shouldn’t matter because not all vampires are bad. Don’t judge the supernatural based on their race and their mistakes, you can’t blame all vampires and werewolves for what others did. Weather they were murderers or went rogue you can’t blame them unless you know the whole story. And don’t blame the little kid for what happened to their pack when you weren’t there just because you lost your Luna because they laid down their life for a kid doesn’t not give you control over their life. It does not give you the right to use them as a punching bag to let your anger out on, every alpha that loses a Luna because of a kid thinks they have some right to own that kid life, choose how they live their life, control them like they are some kinds of pet all because their mate died protecting the kid. All alphas have to understand there mate did not lay down her life just so you blame the kid for your mate life that not how that goes, Luna are not there to die so you can take revenge Luna only die when they try to uphold the oath they made to their pack, all you alphas are doing is disrespecting their name and wishes because of your guilt which you shouldn’t have because it not your fault your Luna died doing what was right it not your fault your Luna protected her pack like she was supposed to, y’all should honor your mate and Luna name not disrespect it. Then yall want to say that females can’t be alpha they are weak females can’t control their emotions, females are more capable of being an alpha cause they don’t depend on other to help them keep it together, females know how to control their anger, they don’t go off blaming a kid for their mates death they protect that kid and honor their mates name not disrespect it, they keep their promise to the pack, they don’t go thinking that there pack knows how to fight from birth, they train them and make sure they know how to fight to protect them and their family. Male alphas believe that having a mate is going to make them weak and vulnerable so they would always reject the mates, for them it is like denying a piece of them losing a piece that is supposed to make them stronger. Alpha is supposed to help protect their pack and treat all pack members like family but nowadays they are treating them as if they are disposable. Alphas don’t understand the point in having a mate. Male alphas need mates more than female alphas do. They even believe that vampires and werewolves can’t be mates, but it is possible. They say that the moon goddess pairs them for a reason. I believe the moon goddess pairs them to balance each other out. Like you can’t have twin alphas that are hot headed then they lose their Luna and if that happens they are going on a killing spree and will kill any and every one that had a hand in her death and anyone that tries to stop them and you do not want to be around twin alphas that want revenge that will not end well for you or anyone that gets in their way, cause twin alphas will leave death and destruction in their path, just know this the second you lost your Luna you lost your alphas too. Alphas are hot headed when they get angry and grieve and they can’t control their anger they lose all sense of reason and have the desire to kill any and everything. They give some alphas too much power and it makes it harder to strip the alpha title from the ones that don’t deserve it, some alphas that don’t have a Luna don’t need that power while they are grieving , you can’t throw a alpha back to work right after they lost their mate that just going to make matters worse, some alphas can go back to work and understand they can’t it out on their pack for the fact they lost their Luna and his mate. Were wolves don’t need mates cause that causes a lot of problems cause them feeling when their other half dies it basically like you’re killing them too, your killing the human and feeding their wolves rage which makes them lose control of their humanity without the bond that makes them mates there wouldn’t be all this bloodshed and alphas will probably treat their packs like family, werewolves don’t need makes to balance them out, they just don’t need that feeling that they need their other half , they don’t need love to make them strong, stop giving them mates and see what they can do on their own, better yet give them the choice to have a mate not force it on them

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