By @loveoncoffee101


By @loveoncoffee101

Sorrow has lived thinking ShadowClan's are the worst. Then shows up ShadowClan, hoping to stay. They're staying for two moons (years). Then out of nowhere, two of the main characters are sent to the human world, with nothing but each other and problems to help.

Chapter 1



Sorrowbringer, a blonde tabby cat, sat on her haunches. She watched her prey scuttle about.

You stupid little mouse. She got ready for the attack. She subtly moved from side to side.

She pounced. The mouse froze in terror, then ran about.

She sprinted around her den until the mouse tired out and she caught it.

She tore the mouse in half and gave part of it to her half-moon brother. He mewed at her, begging for some of hers.

“No.” She told him.

“Sorrow,” her mother warned her, “share with your brother.”

“I did! I gave him half mom.”

“Pwees siter?” Her brother asked.

“No Riverprisum. I’m sorry but, I need to eat too.”

“Fine.” Her mother exhaled.

“But why?” Her brother asked.

Sorrowbringer took the rest of her mouse in her mouth, completely ignoring her little brother, and padded away to her corner of the den. She enjoyed the rest of the night with no “annoyances”.

She went to sleep after she finished her mouse.

Sorrow woke up, and by the placement of the moon, she could tell it was about midnight.

“Sorrow,” it was her best friend, Thunderhunter, “wake up.”

“What Thun?” She asked, shaking the sleep off of her worn body.

“The pack is going for a hunt. Except for your family because of the vow…”

“Oh thank god! I want to annoy my mother. She almost made me give another half of my mouse to my stupid brother.” She heard feet scamper away.

“River, I’m sorry.”

“It okay siter. I won’t be stupid aymore.”

“I’m sorry for what I said.”

“It okay siter.”

“Okay.” Her and Thunderhunter softly padded to the den entrance, then bolted.

Once they caught up with the pack, they were miles away from her den.

“Sorrow, what’s with calling your brother stupid?”

“Nothing. It was just annoying to have him begging me for food all of the time. What about you? The one day pup-cat to much for you?”

Thunder’s family was half wolf on his dad’s side and half cat on his mom’s side. They were the only wolf-cats in the clan.

“Kinda. She gets annoying. It’s AHHHHHHHHHH whenever she gets hungry. It makes me want to scream sometimes.”

“Don’t worry. You only have three more moons. You can move out after that.”

“THREE MOONS! I have to wait that long?” He whined.

“Yeah. Three moons, if I counted correctly.”

“Ugh! I can’t believe that I have to wait three moons to be eighteen. This is gonna SUCK!” He said with a fake smile on his face.

“Hello Sorrowbringer, Thunderhunter,” Tigerpaw, the clan leader, nodded toward Thunder then continued to speak with Sorrowbringer, “Sorrowbringer, may I ask, why are you here? Your family took the vow of nonviolence.”

“HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SON?!” Sorrow heard someone yell.

“What, Stormswind?” Tigerpaw sighed with exasperation.

“My son has gone missing!”

“To think of it, I haven’t seen Crossover in a while.” Thunderhunter stated.

“Stormswind, maybe he’s hanging out at a friends den?” Sorrow suggested.

“He doesn’t go anywhere without telling me! Where could he have gone?!”

A loud murmur that rippled through the crowd. People started saying things like “Shadowclan kidnapped him.” and “Skyclan claimed him.”

“The Skyclan has not claimed anyone in centuries!” Sorrow heard Tigerpaw say.

“THEN IT WAS SHADOWCLAN!” Thunderhunter yelled.

“Thun,” She whispered, “you’re not helping at all.”

“I know. I like making people worry. It’s fun.” He whispered back, looking insane in the bright moonlight.

“Listen,” Tigerpaw yelled to everyone, “it is not the work of Shadowclan! They have not gone anywhere near us since The Great War. Why would they choose to attack now? With the whole pack on guard?”

“Then what was it?!” Sormswind asked the crowd. “My son has never done anything like this! He is the sweetest kitten I have ever met! I wouldn’t be surprised if Skyclan picked my son!”


“How do you know?!”

“Because! I just do!” Tigerpaw exclaimed. “We cannot continue the hunt with Sormswind riling everyone up. Cats who want to help Stormswind can help. Go to The HighRock and wait for me there.”

A long silence passed over the pack then Sorrowbringer heard her friend, Starcrafter, yell at the pack. “This pack has survived for so long without the fear of Shadowclan. Why are we starting now? I should leading a small group to the Shadowclan headquarters to speak to the leader. Those who wish to come with me, meet me outside of The Castle.”

“Me and Sorrowbringer will be there.” Thunderhunter said. He had a small crush on Starcrafter. He basically loved him. It was super funny.

“Look, my mom will be worried if I don’t show up soon. I don’t think I should go…” Sorrowbringer said, trying to give the two some time together.

Thunderhunter knew what she was doing and angrily whispered to her, “Really? I hate you!”

“Why? I gave you two some time.” She said. Her blonde shoulders shaking with suppressed laughter. Thunderhunter’s light gray eyes widened. The dark patch on his back raised and he arched his back.

“What is it?” Sorrowbringer asked worriedly.

He smelled the air and said, “Shadowclan.”

Then, in under the darkness of night, came shadows. They all stopped right in front of Starcrafter.

“You wanted to see us?” said a low, pebbly voice.

“Did you kidnap one of ours? They have gone missing.”

“No. We have not seen the ocelot you are talking about.”

“How do you know if it’s an ocelot or not?” Starcrafter asked the shadowclan leader.

“He guessed. The mother, gathering all of these people, is an ocelot. So… you know biology and stuff.” Said a younger feline.

He was a spotted cat. Not much younger than sixteen moons old. The same age as Sorrowbringer. He had large greenish grayish eyes.

“We didn’t ask you, Shadowclan.” Sorrowbringer spat out the words like a rotten mouse.

“I never said you did, Riverclan.”

“Whatever.” Sorrowbringer padded over to Starcrafter.

The spotted cat watched her. He had a gleam in his eye. She couldn’t put her paw on it though. Mabey amusement?

“What’s your name?” Sorrowbringer asked.

“Darksword. What’s yours?” Said the Shadowclan.

“Sorrowbringer.” She said. “What are you doing here, Darksword?”

“We heard that you wanted to speak with Shadowclan and I thought ‘what better chance to have a mission on the enhairitor’s ‘file’’.”

“Okay. You may pass through and you are aloud to stay here as long as you need,” she said, “that is, if you don’t steal anything.”

“Why would we have to stay?”

“Well you must be tired from all of the travel. After all, Riverclan is almost a moons worth of travel from Shadowclan.”

“For good reason.” Sorrow heard Tigerpaw murmur.

“Well,” he turned to his pack, “do we need to stay?” Half of the pack was on the ground, panting. The other half had the energy to nod their dark heads then went down to the ground.

“What do you want to do?” Darksword asked the clan leader.

“Stay.” Said the voice.


Starcrafter scampered over to Darksword and said, “Two moons?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“No.” He sighed.


“Here,” Sorrowbringer walked over to them, “I will take you to my den, Darksword.”

They walked off and left Starcrafter alone with the rest of Shadowclan.

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