The Unkown

By @Avi_Nineteen

Chapter 1


Pain is one of the things that stands out during the war, but numbness takes place when it gets too much.

We are in the middle of the war now, and I am here still hoping for it to end. But it might not be the war thats going to end.

Its me.

My life.

I was running, running as fast as I can.

I have to make it as he was waiting for me on the other side. Despite all the noise the guns make, explosions that consistently exploding, to the people shouting and fighting for what they believe.

The only dominant sound I hear is my heart beat. I was scared that I might not make it. I’m too scared not to see him again.

Hope fills me in when I started to see his figure, his hands were stretched out for me to reach. I couldnt see him clearly as the air was filled with smoke and gun powders. But I know its him, and Im going to make it.

Or so I thought.

I was about to jump off a cliff when I hear another loud explosion that suddenly went off.

I almost made it to him.

Almost… but I was hit.

I was thrown out in to the cliff just right in front of me.

The last obstacle between us which I thought I could pass through. Everything happened too fast,

the next thing I know is I was falling.

Suddenly, memories flashes right before my eyes. Painful experiences up to the best of my recollections, people who stood by my side to the people who turn there backs on me. And theres

this memories I treasure the most.

My parents, with mom…

And with dad.

To my surprise, I dont feel anything. Nothing but numbness, this is probably what you feel on the verge of death.


My body slams on to the water two hundred feet from above, head first. Then all of a sudden everything becomes silent. I hear nothing but a buzzing sound. Im starting to loose my consciousness now, i forced my self to open my eyes but I see nothing but the sun light iluminating

under the water. Its all over now.

My end has already come.

Everything becomes dimmer and dimmer as my body continously to sink untill theres nothing left for me to see.


Then everything went black.

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