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The Ultimatum

By @maliyal89

Chapter 1- Demarias Jackson

I could almost feel his eyes burning a hole into the back of my neck. I didn’t want to turn and look at him again just for him to quickly look away.

I was his next victim. I knew that. He had blown through all the beautiful, breath taking girls of his grade, and now I was next. Any other girl would have loved being his next victim. The next girl who had the honor of sleeping with him. The next girl who would get praised for catching his attention. I wasn’t like most girls. I didn’t want his attention. I didn’t want him to just take advantage of me and then leave. That’s not how I wanted to be treated, especially by a guy who, to be quite honest, is a five out of ten.

I closed my locker and started walking towards my class. I had to walk past him to do so.

Don’t make eye contact. It’ll only motivate him to pursue you. I walked past him, ignoring his deep green eyes that could see right through your soul. I didn’t want to know what it felt like for someone like him to look so deeply at me. It made me uncomfortable. No one should have the ability to look that deeply into your soul. To look into your world. To know your fears. To know what makes you tick. What motivates you. It’s disgusting. I didn’t even want my mom to have that type of power. That’s the biggest invasion of privacy. And no teenage boy should have the ability to do it. Not to teenage girls. We’re so vulnerable. Well, most of us are. The girls that somehow deny the great Demarias Jackson have the best super power that has ever existed.

I knew he was going to probably stare at me all the way down the hallway until I disappeared. I’ve watched him do it with other girls. That’s how I knew who would be his next victim. Well, I think most girls have figured that out. It was almost as if I could hear all the girls whispers as I walked down the hall. I could hear them whispering how he could ever choose me. I could hear them asking what was so special about me. I was a nobody. How could he ever notice a nobody? Little do these girls know, I was asking the same questions. I wanted to know all the answers to their questions. The only reason some people knew me was because of me running track. Other than that, I stayed to myself.

He shouldn’t have been able to notice me. And that bothers me that he did. I didn’t want to be noticed. And now because of his newfound interest in me, everyone is going to make it their business to know who I am. Why can’t people just get the hint that I want to stay unknown?

As soon as I walked into my classroom I was relieved. I could no longer feel his eyes trying to bore into my soul. I hurry to my seat, which was in the back. No, I’m not that weird girl that always sits in the back and no, I’m not the girl that just doesn’t pay attention either. I just like the back. My teachers don’t call on me too much to make sure I’m paying attention because they know I do. I make straight A’s. There’s no need to call on me all the time to see if I know the answer.

As I sit down, again, it’s almost as if I can hear all the girls whispers and feel their glances back at me as we wait for the bell to ring. News travels fast when it comes to Demarias. He was the most popular kid in the school. He played about every sport, including track. But I never talked to him because there were so many people on track. We weren’t in the same circle of friends. He had never noticed me until now. I didn’t know whether to feel flattered or offended. Maybe both. Maybe neither.

I never wanted to get to know him. That’s why I tried to stay away from him. He seemed so full of himself. He was one of those athletes that was overconfident. The ones that were annoyingly confident. Arrogant. Ignorant. There were so many more words that could describe him. None were very positive. And I don’t think anyone could change my opinion on him. Not one person.

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