The True Story Of Camilla's Life

By @WriterInAction

The True Story Of Camilla's Life

By @WriterInAction

This is the story of how Camilla's life turned into something unexpected. Something she would regret. And something SHE would never forget,

Chapter 1


My Name is Camilla and I’m about to tell you how my life started to go wrong. But let’s start with introducing myself.

My name is Camilla

School Friends: Christine, Natalie, and Charlotte

School Crush: Jason

The school I go to is called MSE (Middle School Education)

So let’s start the story.

I was so dumb to believe this. And stupid to fall for it. This guy was the best liar I ever met. But that’s not the point. I hate him for doing it. But I love him either way. I was so embarrassed. But I couldn’t fix the past.

The thing is…….. Why did I say yes?

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