The Tragedy of Noah Stone

By @JazzyKate_Floof
The Tragedy of Noah Stone

After a tragic car crash, Noah Stone is decided the last one alive in her family, soon placed in an orphanage. Life isn't fun, the food is horrible, the children are mean, and she's failing school, but she still has a key to the Stone Church her parents built. Noah goes into a new phase in her life, one with hard labor, bullying, anxiety, and a mysterious boy who refuses to give away his secrets. Follow Noah as she discovers that sometimes, family isn't always about blood, but about love.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

My therapist says it’ll help to write things down, so I guess I’ll do that. She said I need to write these letters to what is causing my insomnia, so I will do whatever she asks. Dr. Stone reminded me that being angry is okay, and my emotions were accepted at a time like this. Madame Carter disagrees with her…but whatever. So here’s to my first letter, out of the many there will be.

Dear Mother,

Hello. I hope you are well. I’m doing fine, since I know you would probably ask me. The orphanage isn’t as horrible as you might think it is, and I’ve gained some friends over my time here. It’s a great thing this place was built on a hill…you can watch the trees leading up to my home sway in the wind and change often. At the moment, it’s the middle of August, so a crumpling leaf is sitting outside my window, yearning to get in. I expect things to get worse when winter rolls around, but you always said not to dwell on the darker times.

I hope you are well, Mother. I like to think that where you are, there’s all types of things that I don’t have. Seasons at once, happy people, and feasts similar to Thanksgiving each night. That is what my dreams have been filled with – the thoughts of the world you now roam. Hopefully, there is some image of me to remember as well. Oh, and Mother, school has been good as well. I’m supposed to be going into 7th grade later this year, so that’ll be interesting. I also begin chores around the orphanage soon, because it’s always important to give back to others.

And because you know me better than anyone else in the world, I hope you know how much I love lying to you. How much I love lying to myself.

Rest Happily,

Noah Grace Stone.

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