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The Test

By @dabooknerd

The Separation Ceremony

Aubria woke up at 6:30 A.M. sharp like she did every morning. She got dressed in the outfit she always wore a maxi skirt and a polo shirt that all girl wore for everyday use. Then she made herself a quick breakfast of eggs and toast. While she was eating her breakfast she got out her phone and private chatted her sister Ava “You excited?” she sent after a few seconds Ava responded “Yeah and a little scared”, Aubria knew how she felt when she was having her separation ceremony she was extremely nervous to be living on her own, “you’ll be fine” she reassured then headed out the door of her apartment. she walked into the hall of the youth apartment with a stream of other teens who were both nervous and excited. she spotted  her best friend Grace a few yards away. she weaved through the crowd to catch up with her. “are you excited?” she asked “not really,” she replied “we only get to date this year,” most girls would be so excited but grace and Aubria were different they’ve never really liked anyone.for most of the walk to the auditorium, they were silent. the auditorium was a great building it could hold the 10 million people who lived in the community. they walked up the stairs to the auditorium for the ceremony 

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