The Tales Of Romalot

The Tales Of Romalot

This chapter begins with an idea of how everything in the kingdom of Romalot had come to start. The coming of the Belzorfs and Ainzo becoming a prince.

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Chapter 1

Door to a new beginning

CHAPTER 1 – Door to an new beginning

  Thousands of years had gone by before the Kingdom of Romalot revealed that it had been living a lie… Romalot was been ruled by Belzorfs, mysterious beings who aged very slowly, were able to manipulate their body and look however they wished. After their planet was destroyed during the great war, only ten of the people of Belzorf were able to survive, while managing to escape with their ship they found another planet called Earth. They decided to make this place their new home and name it after their leader Romalot.

   The ten of the people of Belzorf that survived Sarigof, Hapolo, Eiv, Mikrel, Hames, Rigos, Nicrop, Manif, father of Regat and Ainzo, managed to fit in with the humans while gaining knowledge for hundreds of years… They exchanged valuable informations about the humans which proved priceless for them at the time but all eight Belzorfs soon gradually died one after another leaving Regat and Ainzo alone as children. These two young boys became helpless and decided to take on seperate paths while taking human form. Several years later Regat was kidnapped and killed while Ainzo was adopted as a six year old by the royal family of the King of Abyssinia Sir Azaref Daryun III.

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