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The Struggles Of Being Half-Invisible

By @TEFlash

A Song


You’ve faded away again

I just wanna say again that there’s nothing wrong with your transparent skin


Whisper in my sleepy ear

Please don’t try to hide your fear. Listen to your heart that’s beating, ever strong

It’s too late

My half-human side will fade away

and I’ll be left with nothing but a ghost

Fazing through another year

and I will disappear

The words of “sorry” frozen on my tongue

ohh, ohh, oo

I’ve never belonged

ooh, ooh, oh

And that had always mattered, ohh

I’m a half-ghost

Sleeping in your room at night

Empty sheets and kitchen lights

fingers in your hair cause you’re afraid of

A half-ghost

Wishing I could stay the same

Going by another name because I’m not the person that you’d met, ohh

It’s not too late

You’re half-human side can stay awake

and you’ll be how you once were, whole at last

Hanging on to another day

You can’t throw it away

Those words of “sorry” frozen on your tongue

ohh, ohh, oo

You’ve always belonged

ooh, ooh, oh

And that’s how I know you can move on

I don’t think you understand

The pain I have

The way you said-

But I can see you

I can see you

You don’t get it-

Can you help me to?

Why the sudden change of heart?

When you had made me

Fall apart and-

But I’ve been wrong before

And I want to see you more

I was invisible

But not anymore.

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