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The Stranger Whom She Fell

By @mincey__

Her First

It’s gone.

He has it.

Now that he does it tells me that no one else can take it from me.

I gave it to him.

My heart.

My love

But not the one thing that keeps me pure


My innocence that has been intact with me for

many years.

I always said when I find the right person, they

could take it from me.

They could have it.

Mr. Right came into my life at the unexpected


He found me.

And I found him.

But the timing was wrong.

But is he Mr. Right?

He’s exactly how I like

But exactly what I can’t have

They say the best things in life are also poison.

But he has done nothing wrong but take

one thing.

My heart.

My problem?

He holds someone else hear in which they

don’t share the same feeling.

Am I wrong?


But then again,

You can’t help how you feel.

The first person to hold my heart.

The first person to cherish it.

No matter what happens.

He will take care of it.

A person confused is a person lost.

He is lost

As am I

So far deep, don’t know who is going to come

back up.

I feel like I’m drowning in his lies

But all he does is tell the truth.

The truth that is making me blind.

What am I gonna do?

What is he?

The choice is in his hands.

Either way,

Someone will feel


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