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The start of new beginnings

By @alexcrossland

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As fourth grade was coming to an end one of the things we had was a carnival, so my dad and I were going out to eat and we thought of this idea to go roller skating at the skate park at the time. I played roller hockey so thought it would be fun and I could do it. When we arrived I got my skates on and on the first ramp I fell on my wrist and it hurt so much.  I heard a snap.  With tears in my eyes I pulled myself up on the ramp.  I fell to the ground clenching my wrist, to the stinging sensation that was my suffrage . After getting my skates off and getting to the car we decided that we should go to the hospital. We waited in the waiting room for 2 hours, me wincing in pain and my dad trying to cheer me up. I remember when my mom arrived and she was eating dinner. My dad trying to lighten the mood by laughter like he was adam sandler. I finally went back and they took X Rays and thought that it was just a sprain, gave me a sprain wrap cast and sent me off.

One week later we went to another hospital just to make sure it wasn’t broken and check up on it. The nurse there said there was nothing to worry about. They took another xray and found out it was fractured and out of place which meant they had to pop it back in place. At this point I was crying scared but when the time came they stuck me with a huge needle to numb it and that really hurt but it started working. It started at my fingers and went down slowly well before it was all the way numb. They said they had to go now and couldn’t wait which meant I was a fourth grader getting my arm popped back in place without being numb. We went to an isolated room where my dad sat down just in case he passed out. At that point I laid down in front of a light like I was at the dentist while one doctor held me down and one popped it in. till this day I still remember the pain and me scream as he popped it back in place I remember rolling up and crying just hoping this was a bad dream and that the pain wasn’t real. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. It was traumatizing. My dad had to sit in a chair in case he passed out. It was a hard day for my dad.

After getting my cast on I was still shaking from the pain, We went to Sonic after I got my cast on. The first time I was home It was hard getting used to the cast. My dad tells me that I had dropped a dime in the cast so we had to take the 

cast off to get it out, when they took it off the nurse burnt me with the buzz saw. The first time I was home It was hard getting used to the cast. Summer was gonna be hard over the next 3 months of getting my cast off and getting a new one. It sucked. The last time I got my final cast off the nurse burnt me  with the buzzsaw. The8 burning sensacion felt like my arm bursting into flames. the same nurse that said I was fine and didn’t have to get shots or anything the buzzsaw left a scar. After I got my cast off I remember my arm was numb and tingly it took me a while before I finally got back to full control. For the next 3 years I was scared to get shots like vaccines. It took me almost 4 years to finally not react to shots and face my fears. I wonder sometimes if I waited another 5-10 minutes if it would be numb and I wouldn’t have to go through all that trauma.          

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