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The soul of Blaziken

By @starry

Blaziken’s story starts here, Once on a farm there were a whole family of torchics. One day the family of torchics migrated to another place leaving one torchic behind. The torchic was freezing in the farm. He decided to leave this farm an instant. Later…

Torchic ran and ran he started to get tired so he started to have the snack he brought with him.  

Then he started to walk again. Torchic walked and walked until he came to a hill, he saw a pretty farm and he can almost feel the warmth of that farm, but sadly he couldn’t reach it because he was too tired. So he slept. 

The farm was owned by a cowboy and a cowgirl, The cowboy was named Oscar the girl was named Eria. When Eria came out to see the sunset she was amazed to see the first torchic ever! But she thought torchic was dead so she picked torchic upend ran back home.  

After they were at home Eria fed torchic some hot pot, then suddenly torchic woke up seeing he was inside the warm farm. Now he was a happy torchic, Eria took him to the chicken place where the chickens were kept . Torchic thought that the chickens were nice but when he came in the other chickens started to tease him and laugh at him because he was a red chick. Torchic got sad because he was the only torchic in the farm and other chickens didn’t play with him so he went inside. Only he was allowed inside because he was special to Oscar and Eria.  

When he came to a small room there sat a young chick that was all covered in blue permanent paint she was lonely to so torchic decided to play with her. They took a while to know each other but finally they were having the most funest party in the day! During the party torchic showed The lonely chick (Eva) how he can light a fire with his energy.  

At night it was dinner time so torchic and Eva had to go to the kitchen and bring some corn and some wheat for them to have a feast. After the feast torchic and Eva found a hay stack in their home and slept with their wings linked together. 

It was a stormy night lightning flashed and thunder roared. Inside the farm torchic and Eva are starting to squeeze together They were afraid of getting struck by lightning. Flash! Lightning had struck the forest nearby it started a colossal wildfire. When torchic and Eva woke up Oscar and Eria are already woken up they ran and ran torchic and Eva caught up and hopped on Eria’s backpack. Once the fire got so close to Eva that torchic had to block the fire with his wing and a little got burnt like a pepper. Eria was a very sensitive girl. she Sensed the fire was getting close so she put on a pair of roller-skate shoes to run faster, so did Oscar. Later… 

When it finally rained they stoped to a tent to block the rain Torchic had already fell asleep holding Eva. 

The rain turned into hail. The snowballs rained down like white Shooting stars . It was so freezing that the others and some chickens Eria brought had to help torchic to light a fire enough to warm all of the people and chickens. After that they slept til dawn.  

When torchic and Eva woke up the others were still sleeping so they decided to have a morning walk. But when they turned around they saw a Pokémon named Gardevoir came last night to tell the future of torchic and Eva. Gardevoir said that torchic will be come a combusken and Eva will become a blue chicken. It was October, 31 so that means that torchic and Eva have the same birthday date! Torchic was so happy that he woke Oscar up when Oscar got up gardevoir disappeared.  

Then torchic told all of them that it was his birthday and Eva to! Soon all of the people was preparing for torchic and Eva’s birthday party. When it was party Time torchic had already evolved into Combusken, and Eva was already a chicken a blue chicken they looked quite different that when they were chicks. 

The torchic life was over a whole new combusken life just started. 

It was a sunny Tuesday combusken and Eva were watering the flowers in the garden they built, but suddenly a black figure stepped out of the shadows. The black figure wasn’t actually black it just seemed black. The person was a ranger who wanted to get a Pokémon with soul. Combusken knew what to do, he kicked the ranger in the face and sent him off flying. When Eria heard all the racket she grabbed Oscar and when they arrived combusken and Eva are already watering plants. 

In the afternoon while the others were taking a afternoon nap combusken took Eva to a field trip to his old farm when they passed their old farm it was already burnt into ashes, also they went in and brought some cooked chicken for Oscar and Eria as they come back. When they got to combusken’s old farm it collapsed a year ago and the fire burnt it into ashes. Suddenly Combusken remember that WHEN he was a torchic he had a magical pear. The magical pear only grants wishes from combusken, The pearl senses the face and his feather print then the pearl with grant any wish he wishes. Combusken quickly told Eva to bring the cooked chicken to Oscar which is checking out their old burnt farm. Combusken ran into the pile and searched all around he searched and searched but still he couldn’t find it. Then when he sat down he felt something bumpy he stood up and saw his pearl! Combusken grated it and ran back to their camp.

Soon the fog came, Eva was searching around the camp for Combusken. She didn’t want to go far because she can’t see as well as combusken. Then she saw a stick with fire on it, she thought it was combusken but it was a mistake. When the torch came closer Eva saw nobody, just nobody then the torch or an invisible person started to chase Eva all the way until they bumped into Eria and Eria said “Eris”? When combusken came back he saw Eris and Eria hugging together. When they finally finished hugging Eria started searching for Oscar to see her old school classmate but They searched all around, and there was no clue where Oscar went. Eva started to get worried, combusken was still searching for Oscar and he found a note written by Oscar. He quickly picked it up and gave it to Eria. Eria read the note and had a face like a OMG person. They packed their bags and Combusken and Eva walked along, Combusken was desperate to use sign language to talk to Eria. So he did. Eria understood sign language so she thought about combusken’s question which is do we have enough stuff to live? I and Eva are the only animals surviving. Later…

The fog melted and it was a sunny Wednesday, Combusken was the first one to get up he was told that he had to evolve to a Blaziken someday and get us some food or else Eria and Eva will starve to death. So now Combusken was Very desperate of evolving into a Blaziken. Well one day that will happen so we don’t have to wait till halloween.

In the night Eria told happy stories about she and Eris which already left. Soon it was midnight, Combusken twisted and turned and then… The next day morning Combusken woke up later than normal Eria and Eva were already up. Combusken was not a Combusken anymore he was a True Blaziken. When he walked to their breakfast blanket Eria and Eva were amazed. Eria was proud of him, Blaziken knew that there’s only one evolution left it’s the mega evolution. 

To be continued….

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