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The Skylands: Book 1

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

400 years in the past…….

It was just another ordinary day in the Sky Lands. The sunrise sparkled. The horns echoed in the air.

“My people rejoice knowing that the princess is born!” Tom, the baby’s father as well as the king of the Sky Lands announced.

There was cheering everywhere.

“And what is our princesses’ name?” the crowd wondered.

The queen, Mackenzie, stepped on to the balcony. She was smiling ear to ear. In a blanket, there was a tiny baby.

“Her name is Abigayle,” the queen spoke.

Later in the evening…..

Mackenzie, was breast feeding her little one.

There was a knock on the door. The door opened and Mackenzie saw her sister, Noelle.

“Good evening,” Noelle walked inside.

“Hello, what are you doing up at this hour?” Mackenzie asked.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Noelle said.

“Why?” Mackenzie asked.

“I keep having disturbing dreams,” Noelle sighed.

“Of?” Mackenzie was intrigued.

“Our home will crumble and there will be a new kingdom on Earth; your daughter will be separated from us and the kingdom until the new kingdom is created,” Noelle explained.

“And how long do we have?” Mackenzie asked.

“It can happen any day,” Noelle shrugged.

“And you’re certain?” Mackenzie asked.

“My dreams are never wrong,” Noelle said.

“We need to prepare,” Mackenzie said.

The following morning……

Tom kissed his wife’s forehead followed by Abigayle’s.

“What’s on your mind that’s making you have a frown?” Tom asked.

“I was speaking to Noelle and she told me that the Sky Lands will crumble, however there will be a new kingdom for us on Earth,” Mackenzie explained.

“We need to get Abigayle to safety even if that means we have to be separated,” Mackenzie said.

“But Abigayle doesn’t know anyone on Earth; what if she doesn’t find her way back to us?” Tom panicked.

“She will,” Abigayle sighed.

Later that afternoon…..

Noelle and Mackenzie were talking.

“I know you are uncertain but Abigayle will find her way to us,” Noelle pulled her sister close and squeezed her.

“I hope so,” Mackenzie took a deep breath.

Noelle and her sister walked to Abigayle’s room. Noelle opened the window.

“What are you doing?” Mackenzie asked.

“Caledonia, take Abigayle to Earth,” Noelle called the Pegasus.

As the sun peaked through the clouds, everyone was counting down the minutes until Abigayle would be home.

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