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The Skylands: Book 5

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

It was a few hours later. “Tay, I’m gonna head out,” Abigayle grabbed her purse. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I need to go home before I crash,” she grabbed her purse. “Wow, easy Taylor, here lean on me,” Abigayle slipped her arm between Taylor’s.

The girls walked home. “Why are we walking?” Taylor whined. “Trust me, bestie, you need the air,” Abigayle sighed. Jesus, please let us make it home.

Seth left the club and somehow found his way back to the Lowlands. What a night. He fell into his room.

Mackenzie and Noelle ran into each other. “Did you feel that?” Noelle asked. “Finally,” she wept in her sister’s arms.

Tom and Zach saw them. “What?” Zach asked. “She’s…” Mackenzie looked at her love. She fell into him. “She’s…” it was all she could muster. “Abigayle’s ok and he’s spotted her.” Noelle smiled. “Thank God,” Tom said. “Our family’s been restored,” Zach caressed Noelle’s face. “Melody,” they realized. They ran. There she was. Thank you.

It was morning on Earth.

Abigayle made a cups of coffee. She sat and sipped. This is my normal. However, last night was surprisingly fun. She made breakfast and tidied the house. She grabbed the mail. She opened it. “Bills, and more bills,” she sighed. In a big envelope, there were a few postcards and letters. How many letters and postcards have I missed? She threw them out and took a breath. The phone rang. “Hey stranger,” she began.

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