The Skylands: Book 3

By @Purplelily96

The Skylands: Book 3

By @Purplelily96

The prophecy gets twisted.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Noelle held Melody. “Your mama has messed up,” she said. “I thought I was protecting her, but I don’t know what I was protecting her from,” “I can only imagine what your aunt goes through,” she sighed.

Mackenzie walked in. She took a seat. “Noelle, I am your sister, I love you more each day,” she said. “I know this is difficult, of course, but we will get her back,” she assured her.

“It’s my fault,” Noelle sighed.

“Even if she wasn’t in danger, if we weren’t she always would need saving in her life,” Mackenzie said.

“We need to prepare,” Noelle reminded her.

“I’m aware,” Mackenzie said.

“Is the deal still on?” Noelle asked.

“Yes,” Mackenzie said.

“Alright,” Noelle said.

Melody placed her hand over Mackenzie’s chest.

“She understands,” Noelle glowed.

“What’s plan B?” Tom and Zach walked in.

“The horn,” Mackenzie looked through the cracks in the floors.

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