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The Skylands: Book 2

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

400 years in the future…..

Abigayle woke up. She stretched and then tidied up her room. She opened the curtains and the sun was sparkling on this summer day. She yawned and walked through her apartment.

The phone rang.

“Hello?” she picked up the phone.

“I’m coming over,” her best friend, Taylor, spoke.

“See you in a minute,” Abigayle smiled.

The doorbell rang. Taylor was invited in.

“Where have you been?” Abigayle asked.

“Give me a hug bestie, we haven’t seen each other all summer!” she squealed.

“Taylor, at least let us sit down first,” Abigayle laughed.

The Skylands was quiet. Noelle and Mackenzie cooed at the newest arrival.

“She’s beautiful, my sister, what is her name?” Mackenzie asked.

The door opened.

“Is it a boy?” Noelle’s fiancè, Zack, asked.

“No,” Mackenzie crossed her arms.

“Her name is Melody,” Noelle looked at her sweet yawning face.

“Melody?” Zack asked.

Zack walked over and kissed Noelle.

“I love you,” she said after she pulled away.

There is also what we call the Lowlands.

“Father!” there was an echo.

“Gosh, Seth, what is it now?” he responded.

“There was another born,” Seth explained.

“This could be trouble,” his father sat down.

“It is,” Seth said.

“Have they found her?” his father asked.

“She has to come back on her own,” Seth said.

“Ah,” his father said.

“Taylor and Abigayle were in the living room.

” So, how was your internship at that magazine?” Abigayle asked.

“Did you impress them with your sassiness?” Abigayle asked.

“Funny,” Taylor said.

“But obvi,” Taylor said.

“Where was it?” Abigayle asked.

“NY,” Taylor said.

“Definitely different than Kansas,” Taylor said.

“I am so happy you’re back,” Abigayle said.

“Me too,” Taylor said.

“What do you do?” Taylor asked.

“Nothing,” Abigayle sighed.

“All summer?” Taylor asked.

“Sadly,” Abigayle sighed.

“We’re going to the club,” Taylor demanded.

“Taylor,” it was all she could say.

“Ever since your parents got sick, you’re not you,” Taylor grabbed her friend’s hand.

“Please?” Taylor asked.

“Let’s go,” Abigayle said.

Caledonia landed.

At the front for stood Tom.

“You’ve arrived,” he smiled.

“Is the baby here yet?” she asked.

“Yes, and her name is Melody,” he said.

“Wow,” she said.

“Come in,” he said.

“I need my human form first,” she waited.

“Of course,” he waited.

“Can you please cover your eyes?” she asked.

He did.

Caledonia took a deep breath and touched her necklace. It was a crest of the Skylands. She transformed.

“Much better,” she stood up.

“You can open them now,” she said.

“Come on,” she said.

They walked.

“Have you seen Abigayle?” he asked.

“You know what the prophecy says she has to come back on her own,” she explained.

“I want her back,” he sighed.

“As do I,” she stopped.

“Prophecies change,” he said.

Mackenzie walked down the steps.

“Caledonia, I’ve missed you,” they hugged.

“You’re too kind,” Caledonia squeezed her

“Where were you?” Mackenzie asked.

“Earth,” Caledonia explained.

“My daughter?” Mackenzie asked.

“I’ve looked everywhere,” Caledonia said.

“400 years,” Mackenzie wept.

“She will come back,” Tom kissed her forehead.

“Of course, she will,” they heard.

They turned around.

“Seth,” they gasped.

“My father is not here,” he said.

“Why are you here? Caledonia asked.

“Please stay away!” Mackenzie begged.

“Hear me please,” he begged.

“You have one minute,” Tom warned.

“I will make it short,” Seth said.

“I can help us but I need something in return,” Seth explained.

“What?” Tom asked.

“Her hand,” Seth waited.

“Leave us!” Caledonia screamed.

“Wait,” Mackenzie stopped him.

“Yes?” Seth asked.

“Let it be her choice,” Mackenzie said.

“Are you kidding me?” Noelle echoed.

“Please,” Mackenzie turned around.

“This is not the way!” she ran off.

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