The Shinigami of Remnant

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The Shinigami of Remnant

Remnant. A world full of chaos as Hunters, Huntresses, and the Grimm combat each other. But among the history of Remnant, there lays a dark story of a bloodline of Reapers. What would happen if both fates intertwine.

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Chapter 1

Chapter One - Cold-Blooded

(Disclaimer- I do not own RWBY or ‘Kamen Rider’ I only own the story, OC Rider, and my OC)

 Darkness….I was born from it, I am it. I do not know what I am nor who I am. Everyone fears what I am, I kill without remorse, I kill without mercy. I do not know my name but…I go by something that will be remembered throughout history. I am…The Shinigami.

 “Keep running!”

 A panicked voice said, two people in black and wearing a mask. They were running away from a shadowy figure. They turned to a narrow alleyway and reached a dead end “No…”

 (Insert Song- GENM Lvl 3)

 One of them said in worry, they looked back and saw nothing, they slowly looked up and saw the shadowy figure on top on the building, the rest wasn’t visible in the dark but you could see a cloak and glowing blood red lenses that protrude to the sides. The figure pointed at them and made a ‘death’ gesture with is just sliding their thumb on their neck, that gesture.

 The two were terrified for life. The figure jumped down and charged forward with a katana in hand, stabbing one of the thugs. Blood spilled on the floor as the said thug fell down lifeless. The other gasped and tried to climb over the wall blocking the way. The figure slowly walked towards the thug and inserted a key into a slot that was on the katana.

 “FINALE” a deep voice called out from the sword.

 A dark purple aura covered the blade, the figure soon then disappeared. The thug looks around in panic “W-where did he…?” the figure appeared behind him and impaled the sharp blade into the chest, the thug gasped a bit before going limp.

 “Mission…..accomplished” a deep but distorted voice came out from the figure before disappearing. In a little while sirens were heard nearby as police cars surround the alley.

 September 11th 6:12…

 In a apartment, a teen about 16 was sleeping peacefully, until his alarm went off. He woke up revealing bright blue eyes, he also had pale skin and black hair which was swept to the right. He lazily presses the snooze button and gets up, slowly waking up, he gets ready. He puts on his normal attire which consist of a light black hoodie, a t-shirt, and denim jeans. He opened the door and walked towards the kitchen.

 “Hey champ. Up late again I see?” a feminine voice reached his ears, he looked up and smiled a bit.

 “Hey Aiko…” Makoto said quietly. He quietly walked towards the door “Going out again?” Aiko asked.

 “Yeah, see you in a bit” Makoto opened the door and gave one last glance at the apartment, as if it’s the last time he’ll see it. He then leaves and locks the door.

 Walking down the street, he feels a cold breeze. Makoto put on his hood and continued down the street, Makoto takes a small turn to a store called ‘From Dust Until Dawn’.

 “Welcome” a bald man says when Makoto walks in “Oh, Makoto. Here for the same delivery?” the man asks “Yeah, just the same dust” “My, you are quite fond of that Time Dust aren’t you?” he said, chuckling.

 Makoto shrugged and waited by the cashier “I’ll be back before you know it” the man left. Makoto looked around, down the aisle, he saw a girl with a red hood on her, he didn’t take any note of it and ignored her. The man then came back, Makoto reached for his wallet “No need, your sister helped me before so I’d say this is on the house” the man said smiling. Makoto bowed slightly and grabbed the box which was full of canisters filled with said ‘Time Dust’.

 The door then opened again. Makoto turned around and saw a man wearing a white button coat with a bowling hat surrounded by men wearing black suits. The man in the bowling hat then walked towards the cashier.

 “Do you know how hard it is to find a Dust shop this late?” one of his goons raised a gun towards the man.

 “P-please! Just take my lien and leave!” the man in the coat shushed him “Don’t worry, we’re not here for your money,” the man then looked back at his goons “grab the Dust”.

 The man ordered his men, three of them took out canisters of their own and inserted them to a tube which held some Dust, slowly filling them up. The man set a briefcase on the cashier.

 “Burn, uncut” he ordered him. The cashier took out a red crystal which like the man said, was uncut.

 Makoto then noticed a goon going down the aisle were the girl was, he heard some faint voices. Suddenly, the goon was thrown out the window, they all looked at what was going on outside. Outside was the girl holding a scythe. Makoto got a better look of her now. She had messy black hair which had tinted red ends with pale skin and silver eyes. She was wearing a black dress which had some red trimming at the ends of the skirt. She wore a leather belt which had a metal rose on the front. She also had black combat boots.

 She smirked before twirling her scythe and stabbing it into the ground, she turned off a walker which was playing music in the background .

 “Well…” the man looked around “Get her!” he ushered his men who immediately responded.

 They charged towards the girl, she dodged one of them as they swung a katana, the girl transformed her scythe into a sniper like weapon shot the goon away, the sniper turned back into its scythe form. She swiped one of the thug who was slashed to the ground still alive but wounded.

 A couple more surrounded the girl ‘Well, might as well help her’ Makoto sighed and took off his sheath, it started shifting and turned into a small pistol, Makoto jumped out of the window and used a lamp post as platform. He jumped off and pulled the trigger, the gun fired quickly, hitting three of the thugs. Makoto then landed safely.

“Your welcome..” Makoto said bluntly, the gun turning back to its sheath mode.

“Thanks but, I don’t think I needed the help” the girl said. 

 “Trust me, you did” he said as he pointed at the people he hit with the bullets he fired “H-how?! You hit three people!”

 “Eh, that’s just how my gun works, the bullets and pierce and always hit their target” Makoto explained “Names Makoto by the way” he stuck out his hand “Ruby” Ruby took the hand and shook it. They both turned and saw the man “

Well Red…and Black, it was nice meeting you but,” he pointed his cane at them, a barrel forming from it “I think our meeting ends here” he fired.

 Makoto acted quickly and pushed Ruby out of the way, he took place to be hit by the flare like blast.

 “MAKOTO!” Ruby cried out in worry, when the smoke cleared, Makoto had his katana out which seemingly blocked the explosion “That was close…” Makoto sheathed the katana, they both looked and saw the man climbing a ladder.

 “Mind if we go after him?” Ruby asked the clerk who nodded.

 Makoto teleported to the top while Ruby used her sniper and thrusted herself to the top.

 “Hey!” she yelled, the man stop and muttered under his breath “Persistent”

 A VTOL like vehicle appeared from the buildings. The man jumped into it and turned around to the duo.

 “End of the line!” he yelled out, throwing a red crystal.

 Makoto and Ruby covered themselves as the man fired his weapon again, causing an explosion. The aftermath of the explosion was followed by a rune like shield, behind it was a woman wearing a white long sleeve top with a low neckline, she was also wearing a black business skirt with black leggings and black high heels.

 She also had pale skin, blonde hair, green eyes, and wore glasses. She pushed her glasses in and she casted another spell, a storm cloud forming over the VTOL.

 “We got a Huntress!” the man said, a woman in red dress then got up, making him take the place as the pilot.

 The Huntress swung the riding crop down, causing ice shards to come down from the clouds, impaling the wings and even broken through the cockpit. The woman in the red dress then came out, summoning a ball of fire and firing at them. A large explosion hit the ground they were on but they all were able to dodge the attack in time. The Huntress used the debris to her advantage and combined the debris into a spear like projectile, the VTOL turned slightly, the spear only scraping the metal. The women in the red dress disperses the spear only for to form into three more spears. Angrily, she finally rids of them by dispersing them the final time.

 Ruby saw this and fired her weapon only to see that the bullets kept getting blocked. Makoto then jumped at an extremely high height and started to swung his katana, the women blocks the attack but Makoto kept slashing, slowly breaking away the shield. The women conjures a fireball and attempts to fire it only for Makoto teleporting back to the ground.

On the ground, they all felt a searing heat, a sound relatable to a kettle was heard. Makoto teleported out of the way while the Huntress dodged, using her riding crop to telekinetically moved Ruby out of the way. A fiery explosion was soon present, the VTOL’s hatch then closed as it flew away. Makoto sighed in annoyance and sheathed his katana, he turned towards the other two.

“Are you a Huntress?” Ruby asked the Huntress who just looks at her.

 “CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!?” Ruby asked excitedly, holding a pen and paper in hand. Makoto facepalmed in the background.

Meanwhile: Vale Police Station…

 “You two should know that your actions will not be taken lightly, you put yourselves and others in great danger…” the Huntress lectures Makoto and Ruby.

 “But they started it!” Ruby blurted in her defence ‘And I was just trying to help…’ Makoto thought mentally.

 “If it were up to me, you’d be sent home, with a pat on the back…” Ruby and Makoto had hopeful looks until the Huntress looked back with a glare.

 “And a slap on the wrist!” the Huntress whips the riding crop on the table.

 Ruby yelped and accidently jumped into Makoto’s arms in fright. Soon realizing what she did, she blushed red as her hood, Makoto didn’t seem to take any n0te of it and set her down.

 “But, there is someone here to see you, both of you…” the Huntress sighed and stepped aside, the door opened revealing a man probably as old as this Huntress.

 He had messy snow white hair and pale skin, noticeably was wearing glasses which had orange lenses and under them were brown eyes. The man was wearing a dark button down jacket and a green turtle neck, and also black pants. He was carrying a plate of cookies and a mug of coffee.

 “Ruby Rose…” the man observed Ruby while slowly getting closer to her “you have…silver eyes..” Ruby then stuttered.

 “Umm, excuse me sir. I think you’re making her uncomfortable” Makoto stated the obvious, the man then looked at him with the same analytical look “And you, young man, have strange aura”

 “So, what school taught you this?” the man then backed up as the Huntress showed a footage of Ruby.

 “S-Signal Academy?” Ruby said nervously “And they taught you how to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever created?” the man asked.

“Well, one teacher in particular” the man sets down the plate of cookies which Ruby cautiously takes, she then started eating them all one by one.

 “I remember a particular scythe-wielder one that school, a dusty old crow” Ruby tried to reply but her mouth was to full on cookies, Makoto nudged her a bit.

 “Sorry, that’s my Uncle Qrow. I was complete garbage until he took me under his wing so now I’m like Waaaa! Wachaaaa! Hoooooo!” she made some fighting noises “So I’ve noticed” the man smiled.

 “And so what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing in a place to fight monsters?” he questioned.

 “Well, I want to become a Huntress” “You want to slay monsters?” he questioned yet again.

 “Yeah! You see, my sister is going to Beacon this year and both of parents were Huntresses so I was like ‘Oh you know, I might as well make a career out of it’ I mean the police are cool, but Hunters and Huntresses are jut so much cooler and romantic and awesome and, Gah! Ya know?!” Ruby said with a high energy, probably from the cookies.

 “C-could you repeat that….?” Makoto said dumbfounded.

 “Do you know who I am?” the man asked “You’re Professor Ozpin, you’re the headmaster of Beacon” Ruby said knowingly. The now named Ozpin chuckled.

 “Would you like to come to my school?” “More than anything!” Ruby said eagerly.

 Ozpin looked back to the Huntress who rolled her eyes and grunted in disapproval.

 “And what about you young man?” “Eh?” Makoto looked up with curiosity.

 “Would you like to join my school?” “Why should I?” Makoto raises his eyebrow.

 “I see that you have great potential in you and also, I know of the problem you have” Makoto looks in shock “Y-you do…?!” “Indeed and I know how I can help you”

 Makoto pondered awhile before answering “Alright Ozpin, you got me in a deal…” Makoto agreed.

 After all that, the duo left the station “So…” Ruby started “This is awkward” Makoto finished while Ruby agreed at the comment.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow Ruby” Makoto waved off “Yeah…tomorrow” Ruby smiled. Unbeknownst to them, a large crack opened up revealing a red glow…

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