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The Shadow Killer and Light Protector

By @Kishara2013

Chapter 1: Death on Black Lake

No one expected that 22-year-old Rebecca Smith’s body would be drifting in the shallows of Black Lake. The once beautiful and attractive girl was covered in stab wounds which ranged from a kitchen knife to the butcher knife that dealt the killing blow. 

Cops arrived on the scene after getting a frantic call from the witnesses who had discovered Rebecca’s body. Upon arriving, at the once relaxing beach, officers noticed that people were crying and attempting to guard Rebecca’s body against the unknown killer.

After desolating the situation, one of the officers, Detective Allen, went over to the caller. The young man was just as shocked as everyone else. He was about 5’8 and looked very scared. Detective Allen noticed that something was a bit off about the caller. 

“Are you alright sir?” Detective Allen asked the young man who had made the 911 call.

The young man looked up. He was still nervous but nodded. It was clear that he had very few interactions with officers. “Yes, I am detective. I’m just nervous that whoever attacked this young lady might still be around.”

Detective Allen nodded. “I understand the feeling. Right now, I need you to tell me everything that you know about what occurred.”

The caller took a deep breath to ease his nerves. “Yes, detective. I didn’t know Ms. Smith that well but I was walking my dog along the beach when I noticed something odd floating in the shallows. At first, I thought that it could be a stick or a log. As I got closer I noticed that it was a body. 

The detective wrote everything down in his notepad. “Thank you, young man. May I get your name?”

“David Jones.” David pointed at the pit bull next to him. “And this is Daisy.”

Detective Allen smiled and placed the notebook back in his coat pocket. “Thank you, David.” He looked at the pit bull. “And a pleasure to meet you, Daisy.”

Daisy barked and wagged her tail in excitement and happiness. Yet she got the feeling that there was an underline of something dark and dangerous at work. 

While Detective Allen questioned David, the other officers who had arrived with him at the crime scene were getting statements from the other people that were on the beach. They all have the same answers as David. 

After allowing David and Daisy to go free, Detective Allen rejoined the other officers by Rebecca’s boy that had been removed out of the water. This case would be unlike anything the cops had to solve. What they didn’t know was that something else would be at work as well. One unseen force was at play whether good or bad the officers could only guess. They had no idea what horrors were in store for them. 

Detective Allen rejoined the other officers back at the scene of the crime. While trying to unravel the mystery of Rebecca’s killer. Something cold and dark was watching the cops from the shadows making sure that it was one step ahead officers. “Do we have any leads on who could have killed this beautiful young lady?”

One of the officers shook his head. “None yet detective. From one of the wittiness, she mentioned that she saw someone break into the window of the victim’s summer resistance on Black Lake. The wittiness did mention that she didn’t get a clear picture of the attacker. 

Over the next few days, Detective Allen dug deep into Rebecca’s case. He wanted to know who her attacker could have been. He followed up on every lead hoping that something would give him a positive lead. Looking up from his desk he saw a couple of figures. He rubbed his eyes thinking was seeing things since had been working late the past couple of days. 

One of the figures standing at the office door was tall, athletic build, with long brown hair, and blue eyes. It looked to be male a kind yet protective look on his face. The other figure was dark and cold. It was hard to make out. 

“Can I help you both? If you’re looking for Human Resources their offices are closed and will reopen tomorrow at 8 am.” Detective Allen rose to his feet and went to escort the figures out of the building. 

Once the figures disappeared Detective Allen got a shiver up his spine as if someone was attempting to give him a sign of what could have happened to Rebecca. Looking at the clock on his desk it read 9:30 pm. Stretching and yawing Detective Allen packed up his papers and headed out of the building to go home. After locking up and heading to his care, the detective couldn’t stop thinking about the figures that were standing at his door. 

The next day, Detective Allen woke still thinking about what he saw. His wife looked at him worried. “Richard are you ok? I’m worried about you. You don’t seem like yourself.”

“I’m fine Sarah. This case is very hard on me because I wanted to find out who could have killed Ms. Smith.” The detective turned to his wife. “I’m not going to give up on this. We have a daughter the same age and I don’t want anything to happen to our child.”

Sarah smiled. “I know you do and that’s very admirable of you Richard and you need to understand that you have a whole team of officers that are willing to help you with this case. 

Detective Allen looked at his wife. He didn’t know how right she would be about this case. There was something inside him that told him he might need to get an outside source to help with the murder of Rebecca. 

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