The selfish Pine Tree

By @KatiMar

Chapter 1

A Lesson for Life

Once upon a time there was a big old pine tree who lived in the middle of the most beautiful garden of the countryside. He was admired by every living being due to its great presence, amazing colours, magnificent scent and its graceful swaying. There were flowers everywhere and everybody wanted to visit that beautiful place because of the tree.

However, there was a problem with that tree. As it knew how people and animals reacted to it every time they came near, the pine tree used to act mingy and blow everybody away throwing pine cones to their heads.

The more good comments it got the more selfish it would act. He would not even share its shadow with anybody.

The animals sharing habitat with it were tired of feeling looked down on so they decided not to come near the tree, not even to gather pine cones from the floor.

The first day that the tree was left alone it felt mighty and proud of having the entire place for its own. He swayed and danced and moved gracefully without caring for anybody.

During the following three days, it played with its branches and twiggies trying to reach the sky feeling as it was the owner of the world.

Having passed ten days without seeing anybody the tree started to wonder and worry. “Why isn’t anybody coming to admire me? The floor is so so dirty”.   

The pine tree started to feel anxious. Reaching its branches it would look around to see if any animal was around.

One day, realizing that there were not animals around and that nobody was worried about its life the pine tree felt for the first time in its entire existence very very lonely.

He began to cry, and its once beautiful and magnificent leaves started to fall to the floor creating a pool of sadness and desolation.

“Why am I so alone? Does nobody wants to come and see me? Why”, the pine tree cried.

Far from where the tree was crying a sweet little bird was looking for some juicy worms. “What is that sound?”, he asked to himself, listening from afar the pine tree moaning.

The sweet bird flew closer to the sound and to its surprise he discovered that the sound came from the once proud tree.

Afraid of being scolded by the tree he jumped near and frightfully he asked: “Are you ok Mr. Tree?

The tree turned around looking for the source of the sound. “Who is there?” He said sobbing.

“Here Mr. Tree. Here I am”, said the bird stepping closer. “Are you ok?” he asked again.

“The tree looked at the bird for a couple of seconds and started to cry loudly again. “I am sad, don’t you see? Nobody has come to visit me in a while and I feel like they have forgotten me. Why have they forgotten me?”, cried the tree.

“Well, Mr. Tree, I think that you are the one to blame for that” said the bird.

“What? Me? Why?”, it said.

“Well Mr. Tree, you have always been very harsh to all of us and we have decided to just leave you alone. Isn’t that what you wanted every time you treated us roughly?”

“Of course not” said the pine tree. “ I never thought about what you felt” said the tree.

“That’s the reason why we all have agreed not to come near here. You can be very mean”

Saying that the bird flew away and the tree was left alone with its thoughts.

The following day, the tree had made a decision. With the help of the little bird it got everybody together and announce its decision to them all.

“From this day onwards you are all very welcome to come near me, cover under my shadow when the day is sunny and hot, use my branches to make your nests and eat my leaves if you feel like it. I promise I will never treat you poorly again. I have learnt my lesson”

All the animals were more than glad with the tree’s decision. And from that day on, all beings living in that forest lived happily and in armony. And as for the tree, It became the most wonderful, magnificent and adored tree in the place and all because of its solidarity and good intentions.

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